Housing Matters

Housing Matters BC is the provincial housing strategy launched in 2006 in response to a changing housing environment. It fostered existing programs that had proven to be successful, and introduced new approaches to meet the range of housing needs of British Columbians.

In February 2014, the B.C. Government released an update to the province’s housing strategy to direct new affordable housing investments and better serve the future needs of B.C. residents.

The update builds on best practices established since the strategy was introduced. It also establishes key, measurable goals and sets three priorities to guide future investments and projects:

  • Healthy Buildings, Strong Communities: Regulatory systems that improve safety, affordability and promote healthy homes and communities.
  • Stable Housing, Increased Confidence: Services that promote housing stability and increase confidence for renters, landlords and strata owners.
  • Committed Partnerships, Greater Choice: To increase affordable housing options for all British Columbians.
To learn more about Housing Matters BC, visit www.housingmattersbc.ca