SRO Renewal Initiative

The SRO Renewal Initiative (SRI) is a public-private partnership to renovate and restore 13 provincially-owned Single Room Occupancy hotels in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

These 13 Single Room Occupancy hotels (SROs) are over 100 years old with structural, plumbing and electrical infrastructure that requires extensive renovations to extend the life these buildings. These upgrades will ensure that the buildings are safe, affordable and energy efficient - and protected over the long term for individuals who are at risk of homelessness. In addition to the upgrades, the 13 aging hotels will be restored, preserving their heritage features and the historic character of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The capital cost for the project is $143.3 million, which includes $29.1 million from the Government of Canada through the P3 Canada Fund towards eligible construction and implementation costs. The Province will also provide funding for a 15-year maintenance agreement, which includes life cycle, repair and replacement of building components and systems.

BC Housing will work in partnership with the SRO operators to support them and the residents during the renovation process. The renovations will be phased to minimize the disruption for the approximately 900 residents who currently live in these buildings.  Residents impacted by the renovation process will be provided alternate accommodation and supports. All efforts will be made to relocate the residents nearby so they can maintain access to all of the support services they require.

Habitat Housing Initiative has been selected as the preferred proponent. Construction is expected to take three years to complete.