“Fifteen paintings are now on display and the space is
transformed and very welcoming."

Saanich tenants display artwork at Hampton House

May 17th, 2012
The lobby of Hampton House, one of BC Housing’s directly managed sites in Saanich, has undergone a transformation thanks to the vision of a group of tenants (Claude, Nancy, Carol and Liette) who were intent on beautifying the space.

“The entrance was bland,” said Claude, who moved into Hampton House in January 2011. “It got me to thinking about what we could do and I started talking about displaying some artwork there.”

The tenants applied for a Tenant Activity Grant  and received permission to create a collective piece of work for the lobby. One tenant donated a large carving called Raven Steals the Sun, which the tenants painted. But the will to create and display more work wouldn’t go away.

“I couldn’t believe the number of people who came out of the woodwork to drop off pieces of art for display,” said Claude. “We wanted to showcase all our work and in mid-October we got the go-ahead to create a gallery in the lobby.”

Tenants went to work, finding old frames for the paintings, photographs, and cross-stitching that had been donated for display. Photos were also taken of the other groups who gather at Hampton House (the community kitchen group; the grandmothers tea group; the gardening group) so they would also be reflected as part of the building’s community.

“We’re so proud,” said Claude. “Fifteen paintings are now on display and the space is transformed and very welcoming. Tenants now sit in the lobby and admire the work; it’s been quite remarkable.”

Photo caption: The tenants responsible for the Hampton House lobby beautification (from left): Claude; Liette; Carol; and Nancy. Photo credit: Ron J. Butka.