Housing Options

BC Housing provides a range of housing options to help British Columbians in greatest need access safe, affordable housing.

Emergency housing -   Supportive housing - Subsidized housing - Rental assistance - Affordable rental - Home renovations

Not sure what options might be available for you? Check out our Find Housing section to see a breakdown of housing programs available by client type.


     Emergency housing     
Emergency shelter and housing to help individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  

  Supportive housing Housing with integrated support services

  Subsidized housing Housing for households with low-to-moderate income where the rent is geared to income.

  Rental assistance Rent assistance for low-income working families and seniors who rent in the private market.

  Affordable rental Affordable rent for low-to-moderate individuals where the rent is set at or below market rates.

  Home renovations The Home Adaptations for Independence program provides financial assistance to help low-income seniors and people with disabilities in British Columbia continue to live in the comfort of their home.