Step 3 - Apply to the Housing Registry

Next, you must apply for the Housing Registry.

The Housing Registry is a centralized database, managed by BC Housing, of applicants in search of subsidized housing. The Registry allows your single application form to be considered for available units managed by BC Housing and a number of non-profit and co-operative housing providers that have chosen to use The Housing Registry database.

You must complete an application for the Housing Registry. There are two ways to apply:  you can either apply online using the button below or obtain a paper application. Instructions on obtaining a paper application included below.  


Paper application process
If you are not completing an application online, you must get a Housing Registry Application Form. There are four ways for you to access a form:

Next, you must fill out all of the information on the form, and either fax or mail it to your local BC Housing Office. Lower Mainland residents can drop off applications at the BC Housing Home Office listed below:

BC Housing Home Office
Suite 101 - 4555 Kingsway
Burnaby BC V5H 4V8 

Now that you have completed your application to the Housing Registry, it is recommended that you apply to non-profit and co-operative housing providers that are not part of the Housing Registry. This will increase your chances of being selected for a subsidized housing unit.

Important Information

Ensure that you keep your Housing Registry application up-to-date.  It is important to update your application at least once every six months. Click here for more information on how to keep your application form up-to-date.  Make sure that you have provided day and evening phone numbers, or the phone number of a contact person who can get a message to you, so housing providers can contact you if a unit becomes available.

Applicants in special circumstances

Some housing providers give additional consideration to households that are at risk of homelessness, at risk of violence and/or have a serious health condition that is affected by their current housing. Applicants who meet these criteria may consider having a Housing Registry Supplemental Form completed by someone who can verify their situation.