Requirements for former subsidized housing tenants

Tenants who previously lived in subsidized housing may be eligible to reapply, provided they meet the residency, income limit and target group criteria, as well as the following special criteria:

  • Applicants must have no outstanding debt from any previous tenancy with BC Housing or any members of The Housing Registry.* Applicants with outstanding debt will be asked to pay in full, or enter into a repayment plan for the outstanding amount 
  •  Previous subsidized housing tenants may be subject to a file review. If the previous tenancy was ended for cause, applicants may not be eligible to reapply. Files will be reviewed case-by-case.  
*To find out which subsidized housing developments are managed by members of The Housing Registry:

  •  Go to the Housing Listings.
  •  Select the appropriate housing zone.
  •  Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The first section of each chart lists the subsidized housing developments registered with The Housing Registry.
If you have met all of the eligiblity requirements, the next step is to  Select Housing.