Supportive Housing


Adults at risk of homelessness
The Supportive Housing Registration Service offers long-term low-barrier supportive housing for homeless or homeless-at-risk who require support services to achieve successful tenancies and need safe, affordable housing.
Women at risk of violence   Women’s Transition Housing & Supports: Emotional support and crisis intervention; safe, temporary shelter with 24/7 staffing; help in accessing housing, financial, medical and legal assistance for women (with or without dependent children.)
Seniors & people with disabilities
Two programs are available for this group:
1) Seniors' Supportive Housing : For low-income individuals who need some assistance in order to continue to live independently.
2) Assisted Living : A middle option between home care and residential care.
Individuals with addictions in Metro Vancouver
Addiction Recovery Program: The 18-month program is available to individuals in recovery once they have completed detox and support recovery programs, in Vancouver and the Fraser Health Region - from Burnaby to Boston Bar catchment area.  Please note: There are limited spaces available and there is currently a wait list.