Supportive Housing Registration Service

The Supportive Housing Registration (SHR) application and registration service provides a single point of access for supportive housing funded through BC Housing. The goal is to facilitate the transition from homelessness to supportive housing by allowing applicants and the agencies supporting them to submit only one application, rather than registering with multiple providers.

Who is Eligible:

Low income adults who require support services to achieve successful tenancies and who:

  • Are homeless or at risk of homelessness 
  • May have mental and/or physical health needs 
  • Need safe, affordable housing; or 
  • Are current supportive housing tenants applying for a transfer to a supportive housing location that will better meet their needs.  
How to Apply:

The SHR Application is available for download here, or at BC Housing Offices  across the province, as well as from many non-profit agencies that assist individuals with their search for housing.

Click here for a list of supportive housing developments in the Lower Mainland.

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