Seniors' Rental Housing

The Seniors’ Rental Housing initiative is an affordable housing option for British Columbians age 55 and older or for persons with disabilities. Approximately 40 developments are open around the province providing new one-bedroom apartments for individuals who are still able to live independently with an option for staying in the community they know and love. These units have been made more affordable through contributions from all three levels of government.  Most low-income seniors and persons with disabilities will pay 30% of the household income on rent. However, as there is no ongoing operating subsidy, the non-profit operators also offer housing units to those at a higher range of income levels to ensure that they are able to meet their operating costs. 

Eligible individuals

  •  seniors age 55 and older who are able to live independently
  •  couples where at least one person is age 55 or older
  •  eligible adults with disabilities under age 55

Available options for the Seniors' Rental Housing initiative are determined by tenant income: 

Income level Rent Rates How to Apply

Seniors with an income lower than the 
SRH Housing Income Limits  provided below :
  • Lower Mainland - $58,000
  • Southern BC - $57,000
  • Vancouver Island - $57,000
  • Northern BC - $47,000
Rent geared to income, based on 30% of total income.

Seniors with a higher range of income (the maximum household income limit cannot exceed $64,999. This moderate income limit is subject to review on an annual basis.)
Fixed rate for their rent

Am I able to apply for SAFER?

Tenants in fixed rent units may apply for SAFER,  however, tenants in Rent Geared to Income units are not eligible for SAFER.