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Rapid Damage Assessment

Learn to assess building damage to wood-frame, masonry and concrete buildings following a disaster like a flood, earthquake or wind storm.

We offer two courses:

Rapid Damage Assessment course

This training covers the basic skills required to identify unsafe conditions and to assess damage to buildings. We use the Applied Technology Council guidelines (ATC 20 & 45 from California) as the foundation for the course, which is designed to benefit personnel in:

  • property or facilities management
  • school administration and management
  • building inspection
  • emergency management
  • fire prevention
  • Emergency Social Services (ESS) response
  • engineering
  • public works
  • construction

Rapid Damage Assessment Course

Coordination of Damage Assessment course

If you develop, co-ordinate or manage a damage assessment program for your organization, you’ll benefit from this course. It provides the tools required to establish and operate a damage assessment program. You’ll receive information on:

  • prioritizing critical infrastructure and pre-disaster planning
  • identifying, developing and maintaining damage assessment equipment kits
  • damage assessment team allocation and pre-deployment considerations
  • documentation processes and recording practices
  • linkages between damage assessment and stakeholders, such as Emergency Social Services, Disaster Financial Assistance, government organizations, lifeline infrastructure providers and recovery managers

Coordination of Damage Assessment Course

How to arrange for training

We offer damage assessment courses at a reasonable rate to encourage emergency preparedness and business continuity planning. We will come and train your group at a location of your choice. Organizations who wish to arrange for training must:

  • meet or exceed the minimum number of required participants
  • arrange for and register the participants
  • provide a facility with a screen, PowerPoint projector and appropriate seating

Want to get more information or to arrange for training? Email the Security and Emergency Services Department.

Rapid Damage Assessment - Mobile App

Working together with the University of British Columbia Department of Engineering and the North Shore Emergency Management on damage assessment technology, we have developed a mobile application with GIS capabilities. This app lets field teams record the location and severity of damage to buildings and sites with a smartphone or tablet.
See the Rapid Damage Assessment Template to get the app.

Rapid Damage Assessment – Field Manual

The Rapid Damage Assessment Field Manual that is provided to each student as part of the RDA/CDA course is now available to purchase online from Crown Publications.

For more information and to order additional copies of the RDA Field Manual or purchase without taking the training go to Crown Publications RDA Field Manual.