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Building Smart with Sound Principles and Noise Control in Homes

Building Smart with Sound Principles and Noise Control in Homes

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
9 am - 12 noon

Webinar & In-person:


This three-hour webinar will examine site assessment for noise sources and provide strategies to reduce noise intrusion including:

  • Building enclosure design and construction to reduce community and traffic noise transmission into homes – including wood-frame exterior walls, window IGU selection and framing details
  • Noise control between units – through common walls and floors as well as practical strategies and construction details to create quiet spaces inside homes
  • Acoustics ratings such as STC, ASTC, IIC, FIIC to support selection of materials and assemblies to meet BC Building Code and health guidelines.

The webinar will provide opportunities for discussions on current issues facing homeowners, developers, designers, contractors and building officials such as increasing noise levels with mix-zoning developments and urban densification. 

Your Presenter

Dr. Maureen Connelly is the Director/Faculty of the British Columbia Institute of Technology Centre for Architectural Ecology and Faculty in the Building Science Graduate Programs at BCIT. Maureen’s research includes acoustical integration into whole building design and construction, quantification of the acoustical capacity of living architecture to enhancement of personal and shared soundscapes, sound transmission of building enclosures, and product development for noise control.

In addition to acoustic consultancy, Maureen currently supervises graduate students focused on material characteristics of absorption and scattering, sound transmission and building enclosure design, post-occupancy of Passive House in B.C., and the use of ambisonic and virtual reality in acoustic design.

Location Details

Brix Studio
211 Columbia St #102
Vancouver, BC V6A 2R5

Contact Information

Contact Name: Learning on Demand @ BC Housing
Phone: 1-800-601-2715