Building Smart Using an Integrated Design Process

Building Smart Using an Integrated Design Process

Wednesday, April 08, 2020
9am - 12pm




Integrated Design Process (IDP) is a collaborative design approach that is intended to optimize performance, cost, occupant comfort and resilience of a residential building.  It involves engaging the builder and their team of designers, mechanical contractor and energy advisor at the conceptual design stage. IDP examines the needs and performance of a building throughout its lifecycle; from design, construction through to operation, with the goal of ensuring that multiple objectives of the builder are met.

The seminar will:

• Explore the structure of IDP
• Discuss applications to various building types
• Demonstrate case studies from across B.C.
• Share experiences with IDP from outside B.C.

Join us to learn about the unique steps, timelines, cost and benefits that make this approach preferable to a conventional method.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Learning on Demand @ BC Housing
Phone: 1-800-601-2715