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Womens Transition Housing & Supports Program - Provider Info

This Program funds the operation of transition houses, safe homes and second-stage housing programs that provide safe shelter and support services to women, with or without dependent children, who are at risk of violence or who have experienced violence.


The Women’s Transition Housing and Supports Program resulted from a grass roots movement to provide shelter to women in B.C. seeking refuge from domestic violence. After the administrative transfer of the program to the Ministry of Housing and Social Development in 2009, BC Housing, the BC Society of Transition Houses and service providers across the province came together to develop the Women’s Transition Housing and Supports Program Framework. The Program is funded through the provincial government and administered by BC Housing.


BC Housing is responsible for funding and administering the Women’s Transition Housing and Supports Program. We provide the support and resources necessary for implementation of the Program, which is delivered through our service providers. Each service provider enters into a service agreement with us, the term of which is typically three years.

Reviews, data collection & reports

During the term of your agreement, we conduct annual financial reviews and approve the annual operating budgets. Service providers are also required to provide quarterly data collection reports. To learn more, watch the data collection video tutorial.