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Grand Forks - 2nd Street Supportive Housing

Project Overview

The City of Grand Forks and BC Housing are partnering to build up to 34 units of supportive housing at 7382 2nd Street.

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Public Engagement
Date of Completion
Winter 2019/2020
Grand Forks

About the Project

BC Housing is working on a plan for homes with supports for people in the Grand Forks area who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. This is in response to an urgent need for more affordable housing in the community.

We worked with the City of Grand Forks to find available and appropriately zoned land.

Supportive housing is a self-contained home with supports provided on-site so that people can achieve and maintain housing stability.

BC Housing and the operator will lead the resident selection process with local service providers to ensure an appropriate mix of residents with the right support services live in the housing. This will help the residents live a more healthy, stable life.

The homes will be for both men and women and could include seniors and people with disabilities. Residents will sign a program agreement and pay rent.

This project is part of our effort to provide safe, secure housing for people living on the streets or experiencing homelessness across British Columbia.

Process & Engagement

We will work with the community to develop an operating strategy for the housing. We will look to hold a community open house in 2019 once planning is underway.