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Community Profiles

We support low-income individuals, seniors and families. See a summary of contributions to over 294 communities across B.C.

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Through a range of programs and services, the Province provides housing assistance to more than 294 communities across B.C. The Province works closely with community organizations, local governments and First Nations to plan and deliver housing and support services tailored to each community’s specific needs. These community profiles provide a snapshot of how B.C. is supporting low-income individuals, seniors and families.

2015/2016 Investments

Total investment in 294 communities in 2015/16:  $626,000,000.

*All numbers as of March 31 2016:

Total Subsidized Units: 104,025
Total HPP allocated to providers: 1,517
Total Family households receiving a Rental Assistance Program (RAP) rent subsidy: 10,178
Total Senior households receiving Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) rent subsidy: 19,894 Units in Development/Under Construction: 2,523
New Units Since 2011: 23,948

This map highlights 46 of the 294 communities.