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Indigenous Research

Our research projects look to inform government and Indigenous housing providers with data they can use to address the disproportionate number of Indigenous Peoples living in core housing need.

Closing the Gap: Housing Needs and Priorities of B.C.’s Urban Aboriginal People, Volume I

The report describes several key themes: capacity-building for both societies and tenants, emergency housing, short-term housing, transitional housing, short-term lodging, housing with long term supports for people who may never be able to live independently and affordable family and elders’ housing configured to local needs.

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Comprehensive Needs and Capacity Assessment of Aboriginal Housing in British Columbia

This 2007 report assesses the current status of housing for Indigenous people in B.C. plus the capacity of Indigenous organizations and communities to develop and manage housing. The report also projects the housing needs of Indigenous People in B.C. over the next decade and identifies barriers to “closing the gap” in housing for Indigenous People.

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End of Operating Agreements for Aboriginal Housing Providers

This Canadian Housing and Rental Association Congress session summary discusses the challenges and opportunities faced as operating agreements begin to expire, including insufficient funds (from rents) to cover operating and capital costs once the subsidies end, developing strategies and long-term plans to address the expiring agreements, taking advantage of current low interest rates to cover costs and using the equity in buildings to renovate existing units and build new units.

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