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Nanaimo - Supportive Housing

Project Overview

BC Housing and the City of Nanaimo are working together to respond to an urgent need for housing in the community, including for those at the 1 Port Drive encampment. We will be providing approximately 170 units of temporary supportive housing as a short-term solution until a permanent housing solution is available.

Rendering of supportive housing at Terminal Ave., Nanaimo, BC
Date of Completion
Winter 2018

Process & Engagement

Community Dialogues

Seven community dialogues were held from November 21 to 29, 2018 at Bowen Park, in Nanaimo. Representatives from BC Housing, Island Health, the City of Nanaimo, Island Crisis Care Society, and Pacifica Housing Advisory Association presented information and answered questions on supportive housing, operations, construction timelines, and the development of a community advisory committee.

Online Live Q&A Session

An online information session was held on Thursday, November 22 from 6:30–8:30 pm with representatives from BC Housing, Island Health, the City of Nanaimo, Island Crisis Care Society, and Pacifica Housing Advisory Association answering questions on temporary supportive housing plans for Nanaimo. Visit to view a recorded video of the Live Q&A session with questions and answers listed below.

About the Project

In response to an urgent need for more affordable housing for people experiencing and at risk of homelessness in Nanaimo, BC Housing is developing supportive housing at two sites in the community. The objective is to have this housing available by late November 2018.

We will lease a portion of land at 2020 Labieux Road from the City of Nanaimo to install approximately 90 units of interim supportive housing. We have also purchased a property at 250 Terminal Avenue N and will install approximately 80 units of interim supportive housing.

This temporary housing will provide a home for people, as well as full-time staffing to support residents through access to meals on site, connection to medical services, and life skills programming. The goal is to help people achieve and maintain housing stability.

The housing on Terminal Ave will be operated by Island Crisis Care Society (ICCS), while the housing at Labieux Rd will be operated by Pacifica Housing Advisory Association. Their responsibilities will include property management, community liaison, and resident selection. Once residents move in, staff will be on-site around the clock seven days a week to provide support.

People who will be housed at these developments will be from Nanaimo or the surrounding area, be over the age of 19 and meet eligibility requirements regarding income, homelessness, and required supports and programming. The 2018 Point in Time Homeless Count found 335 homeless individuals living in Nanaimo. 

Priority will be given to eligible people residing in the 1 Port Drive encampment. BC Housing, Island Crisis Care Society, and Pacifica Housing Advisory Association will collaborate with local service providers on a thoughtful and thorough assessment process to ensure an appropriate mix of residents with the right supports live in the housing.