Research that informs housing solutions to improve the affordability and quality of housing in B.C.

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Housing Research and Education Project Highlights

BC Housing is committed to supporting a strong housing sector through cutting-edge research that advances housing knowledge, lessons learned and innovative solutions. Discover the wide range of projects recently completed or underway through the BC Housing Research Centre including best practice guides, research reports, case studies, bulletins and videos.

Housing Research and Education Project Highlights

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Socio-economic research

Socio-economic research provides important information on trends, demographics, best practices and supply-and-demand indicators to help government and housing providers make informed decisions. Key areas of focus include:

  • Addressing homelessness – Our research on homelessness examines accessible, appropriate and affordable housing options for every person who needs a safe place to live. This includes research on best practices in addressing homelessness as well as reviews and evaluations of programs and services.
  • Distinct populations – BC Housing conducts research on housing issues facing distinct populations, including seniors, families, youth and people with disabilities. We also look at the key housing indicators in our province — like household composition, median age, age and condition of housing stock, income and other factors.
  • Social housing transformation – B.C. non-profit housing providers face many challenges. These include expiring operating agreements, dealing with aging buildings, limited new programs and operating funds. BC Housing partners with other agencies to conduct research that leads the transformation of the social housing sector. Through our research, we’re profiling innovative ways to build the sector’s capacity and to deliver and manage housing.
  • Housing affordability – The provincial government is examining key factors affecting home prices. At the same time, BC Housing is researching ways to ensure more affordable housing is available for all British Columbians.

Technical research

Technical research leads to innovations that improve how residential buildings are designed and constructed and offers insights into sustainable housing solutions and best practice.

  • Industry research – Our building science research enhances the quality of residential construction through innovative design tools and construction practices. Pilot studies and building detail guides developed in collaboration with industry partners provide solutions for better performance and durability of residential construction in B.C.
  • Industry education & knowledge transfer – BC Housing works with external partners to share information on best building practices, leading-edge research and building code changes for the construction and design of homes in B.C. Our Research Centre Library and Learning Centre offer a range of online resources and help disseminate knowledge on emerging technologies, high performance housing, seismic and fire safety requirements and other topics of importance to the industry.
  • Consumer protection – Consumer resources cover a variety of topics and highlight the importance of maintenance and renewal planning to protect a building's assets, the owners investment and create a comfortable living environment. Building systems that are routinely inspected and maintained perform better and have a longer service life.
  • Sustainability – The provincial CleanBC strategy outlines measures to significantly cut carbon pollution from the built environment by 2030. BC Housing is facilitating research and education to provide solutions to building homes net-zero ready by 2032 as defined by the BC Energy Step Code. Also our fundamental research and pilot projects include advancing wood-frame construction and best construction practice in B.C.

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