Canada-BC Housing Benefit (CBCHB) Program Information & Process

The CBCHB program is subject to available funding. Housing benefits will be distributed to eligible renters where the households are identified as a priority group in housing need until the funding allocation is exhausted for the fiscal year.

This benefit will be distributed by non-profit or other community providers who serve vulnerable populations or directly by BC Housing.  It helps people who are not served by our other rental assistance programs.

Recipients will be identified from priority groups, which may include:   

  • People experiencing or at risk of homelessness;
  • Women and children experiencing or at risk of domestic violence; 
  • Indigenous peoples; 
  • People with disabilities;
  • People dealing with mental health and addiction issues;  
  • Veterans;  
  • Racialized communities;  
  • Youth leaving care; 
  • Large families requiring four (4) or more bedrooms; 
  • Households requiring wheelchair modified/accessible accommodation; or  
  • Other households on the waitlist for subsidized housing. Whose housing need cannot be met by the existing stock, as identified by BC Housing.

Program Process

Providers identify applicants from a priority group. BC Housing will select applicants from The Housing Registry, Housing Providers will have their own applicant process:

  1. Applicant is invited by provider to complete an application.
  2. Applicant submits their completed application and documents to the provider.
  3. Provider reviews application and approves if eligibility is met.
  4. Provider enters the applicant’s information into BC Housing’s database.
  5. Provider sends an approval letter to the applicant.
  6. Provider sets up direct deposit of the housing benefit to the recipient or landlord, if applicable.
  7. The first housing benefit is received, and the benefit year commences.
  8. The recipient is responsible to report any changes to the provider.