Building Envelope Renovation Schedule

As a licensed residential builder, you must complete this schedule in order to perform building envelope renovations. 

Before applying for a building permit or starting applicable building envelope renovations, you must complete a Building Envelope Renovation Schedule and give it to the strata corporation or owner. You must involve a building envelope consultant in the renovation, and name that person in the schedule.

As a licensed residential builder classified as a building envelope renovator, you can use this schedule as proof of licensing and warranty insurance. You need this proof to get a building permit from the municipality or regional district to start work on an applicable building envelope renovation. In areas where building permits are not required, you must send the completed schedule to us before you start work on the renovation.

Please contact us to request a Building Envelope Renovation Schedule. Call 604-646-7050 or 1-800-407-7757, or email [email protected].

Completing the schedule

The schedule has several sections to complete, including:

  • Copies of documents and reports pertaining to the appropriate sections of the renovation schedule (Sections 4-7)
  • Signature of the building envelope consultant
  • Signature of the licensed building envelope renovator
  • Signature of the strata corporation/owner
  • Approval for home warranty insurance coverage on the proposed building envelope renovation. The warranty provider is responsible for completing the Warranty Information portion of Section 8.

When you've completed the schedule, you should present it, along with all the supporting documents and reports, to the municipality or regional district where you are applying for a building permit. If you're in an area that does not require a building permit, please send the schedule, along with the supporting documents and reports, to:

BC Housing
Licensing & Consumer Services
203-4555 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 4T8

Fax: 604-646-7051
Email: [email protected]

Make sure you keep the pink copy of the schedule for your records.


On top of the fee you paid for your residential builder licence, you must pay an additional $25-per-unit licensing fee for the applicable building envelope renovation. You must remit this fee directly to us at the above address.

Please make cheques payable to BC Housing. If you wish to pay by credit card, email us at [email protected] to obtain a payment form.