Affordable long-term housing for people with moderate income.

Market Rent Housing is for people who have a moderate income and are looking for an affordable long-term tenancy.

What is market rent?

Market rent units are known as affordable housing, below-market, or lower-end of market housing. The rents are equal to, or slightly lower than, average rents in the private market. Market rent is a fixed rate and is not based on amount of income or income source.

If you are an applicant who wishes to apply for a subsidized housing (where rent is based on income), please visit subsidized housing.

Our partners use Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation data to set rates. They may also use information from local communities to set rent limits for specific locations. 

Under the Provincial Rental Supply Program, market rent units must be rented to households with income below an established limit. Households must also demonstrate an ability to pay established market rents.

There are no subsidies for market rent units. However, some households may be eligible for assistance with their rent through other BC Housing programs, such as Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) or Rental Assistance Program (RAP).



  • Current resident of British Columbia. 
  • Demonstrate an ability to pay market rent (no subsidy).
  • Annual income must be below maximum income limit based on unit size:
    • Studio or 1 bed - annual income must be below $84,780
    • Two or more bedrooms - annual income must be below $134,140
  • Housing providers may have additional requirements, such as:
    • Number of occupants per bedroom
    • Passing credit and reference checks
    • Carrying tenant insurance covering possessions and protecting against liability. 
    • Signing a No Smoking Addendum and a Crime Free Addendum
Find Market Units

Find Market Units

Visit the Housing Listings to find market rental housing in B.C. You may apply directly to buildings that accept tenant applications.

The Housing Listings is not a list of housing with vacancies. If you are interested in a building, you must apply for that building and you will be contacted if there is a vacancy for your household. The Housing Listings also includes subsidized housing (which is not part of market rent).

Tip: To increase your chances of obtaining a unit, apply to all of the buildings that meet your needs.

Search and Select

  1. Click on: Housing Listings
  2. Find Housing by Area, click Search for results
  3. Refine your results:
    • Select the number of bedrooms
    • In the Housing Type section, select Below-market rental. You can also select Co-operative to see additional choices. 
    • In the Housing Needs section, select any applicable housing need 
  4. View search results and buildings that interest you
  5. For more building information, view Building Details:
    • Go to How to Apply to find the housing provider contact information
    • If you are directed to apply to The Housing Registry, make note of the Housing Registry Code. Enter the Code on the Market Rent Application. (See the 'How to Apply' tab on this page for more information)
    • If the building does not have a Housing Registry Code, contact the housing provider to apply directly
How to Apply

How to Apply to Buildings

Applying to buildings that have a Housing Registry Code

Please note that you will not be contacted unless you are being offered a unit.     

  1. Download Market Rent Application (fillable pdf)
  2. Enter the Housing Registry Code for each building you are interested in
  3. Complete and submit the application, including signatures for all adults aged 19 or over
  4. If your application is considered, you will be contacted and given a Supplemental Information Form to complete and submit with supporting documents. Supporting information includes:
    • References
      • Current and previous landlord
      • Current and previous employer
      • Other references
    • Proof of income (for all adults age 19+ who will live in the unit)
      • Copy of your most recent tax year’s Income Tax Notice of Assessment
      • Three (3) most recent paystubs or other proof of current income
  5. If you are approved for possible tenancy after the credit and reference checks, BC Housing will contact you to schedule a welcome and sign-up meeting. Please prepare for the sign-up meeting as follows:
    • All adults, 19 years or older, who will live in the unit must attend and bring photo ID
    • Bring proof of insurance for your current residence
    • If you have a pet, bring a photo of your pet as well as proof of spay/neuter and vaccination
    • Bring a blank cheque or a pre-authorized rent payment form completed by your bank to set up monthly rent and parking (if applicable) payments
    • Be prepared to pay the damage deposit and pet deposit (if applicable). Payment must be by cheque, money order, or you can sign a pre-authorized payment form. Cash is not accepted
    • At the sign-up meeting, you will receive information about move-in day

For buildings that do not have a Housing Registry Code - Apply directly to the Housing Provider

Please note that you will not be contacted unless you are being offered a unit.

  1. Go to Housing Listings and enter your search criteria including Below Market Rental
  2. View Building Details for more information
    • Go to How to Apply to find the housing provider contact information
  3. Contact the housing provider directly to apply for the building