Learn how the Homeowner Protection Act and Regulations improve the quality of residential construction, enhance professionalism, and increase consumer protection

The Homeowner Protection Act and Regulations

Homeowner Protection Act and Regulations

Learn more about the Act and Regulations, home warranty insurance, and buying or selling a new home.

Offences Under the Homeowner Protection Act

Non-compliance with the Homeowner Protection Act can have serious legal consequences, including receiving compliance orders, and monetary and other penalties.

Reviews and Appeals

If you do not agree with the Registrar’s decision on a licensing or compliance matter, here’s how to ask for a review or appeal.

Compliance and Enforcement

Compliance and Enforcement

Meet our compliance team, which constantly strives to protect B.C. homeowners and promotes compliance through education and awareness.

Report a Violation

Did you witness a possible violation of the Homeowner Protection Act? We investigate complaints to determine if an offence has occurred.

Enforcement Registry

Search our database to find compliance orders, monetary penalties, and past convictions.

Compliance Case Studies

Our case studies help owner builders, realtors, and licensed residential builders remain in compliance with the Homeowner Protection Act.