People, Plants and Homes (PPH) builds and manages community gardens, and provides resources, workshops and support to gardeners and community leaders at directly-managed BC Housing buildings across the province.

purple onion flowers

What we do

Community Gardens

PPH manages community gardens and conduct garden visits throughout the year. Garden plots are assigned to residents by PPH on an annual basis.

Educational Workshops

PPH provides seasonal workshops throughout the year on a wide variety of topics, from medicinal herbs and DIY teas to organic gardening practices and seed starting.

Community Farming

PPH grows food at select directly managed buildings. The produce is offered to resident volunteers or donated to mobile markets, community kitchens or meal programs.

Food Programs

PPH organizes community kitchens and food demonstrations to inspire healthy eating and feature the delicious produce grown from our gardens.

Garden Resources

PPH provides seasonal garden resources such as organic fertilizer, seeds, spring bedding plants, cover crops and garlic bulbs.

Community Celebrations & Project Support

PPH supports residents to lead projects or workshops or host special events, such as harvest celebrations and festivals.

tenant stands outside
Proud tenant in a community garden
wild mixed flowers
Wild flowers flourish in a pollinator garden

Learn More

Community Gardening Guide during Covid-19

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