Our New Homes Registry gives useful information to help you make better decisions when buying a new home. 

The Registry is a great resource for homebuyers, realtors, lawyers, local governments and anyone else who wants to check the status of a new home or a new home under construction.

You can search the Registry for new homes using the street address and city or its legal description. You can filter your search for single detached homes or multi-unit (including duplex) buildings. The Registry will also help you discover if a new home, or new home under construction, has a home warranty insurance policy and whether it was built by a licensed residential builder.

If the home does not have home warranty insurance, it may have been built under an Owner Builder Authorization. Or the home may be exempt, because it is a rental building. The Registry will show all this information.

You can only search the Registry for homes registered with BC Housing since November 19, 2007. If you can’t find the home you are looking for, or if you want information on a home registered after July 1999 and before November 19, 2007, call 1-800-407-7757 (toll free)