Amending and Updating Your Residential Builder Licence

Some of our most frequent calls and emails concern licence amendments. The following information should help you. 

Changing your contact information

Annual licence renewals are easier if you keep your profile on the Licensed Residential Builders Portal up to date.

One of the conditions of your licence is that you must keep us updated with your latest contact information. You can update that information at any time on the portal free of charge.

From the “Licence” tab, select “Contact information.” Here, you can:

  • Change the primary contact for the company
  • Edit the primary contact’s information (for our use only)
  • Change the company’s contact information, which is shown on the Public Registry of Residential Builders

Once you have confirmed the changed information, our records will update.

Changing your membership records

As a licensee, you can amend the association memberships of the person(s) in charge of the company at any time. Keeping these records up to date will make licence renewals easier.

From the “Licence” tab, select “Memberships.” Follow the instructions on how to add or remove association memberships. Click “Confirm” when complete. The new information will be added to your licence record, but not made public.

Changing Your Continuing Professional Development Nominee

It is not a requirement of your licence application that the nominee be the same person each year. This allows companies to use Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of their human resources planning and staff development.

Sometimes, you or your company may need to replace the initial nominee with another nominee during the licence term. You can make this change using the Licensed Residential Builders Portal. No fee is required if the replacement nominee is already listed on the licence as a person in control of the company.

If the new nominee is also a new person in control of the company, you must complete a licence amendment to add this person to the licence and then select him or her as the new nominee. You will have to pay a $100 fee for this amendment.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you change the CPD nominee during the licence term, the new nominee will be required to obtain all 20 CPD points. CPD points cannot be split between two nominees. If the first nominee earned more than 20 CPD points during the licence term, those extra points earned can not be carried over if a new nominee is selected for the next licence term. 

Changes that require fees

Some changes to your account, such as the one above, require submitting an application and paying a $100 amendment fee. These include:

  • Company name change
  • Change to company structure type (for example, a sole proprietorship becomes incorporated)
  • Changes to the persons in control of the company
  • Changes to licence type

You can do one or all of these changes on the same application for the same fee. Or, you can complete the amendments as part of a renewal application without having to pay the $100 fee, unless the changes are required sooner to enable you to keep doing business.

Please note that you cannot use this process to change a company from incorporated to non-incorporated. Nor can you change one incorporated company to a different one under the same licence. To make these changes, you must submit a new licence application.

Our Online Licence Renewals and Licence Amendments guide will walk you through each step and variation of the amendment process.