Avoid Suspension and Cancellation of your Owner Builder Authorization

The Registrar may suspend or cancel an Owner Builder Authorization. Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

We issue Owner Builder Authorizations (OBA) to property owners who want to build their own home and meet the eligibility requirements. We also ensure that owner builders continue to meet their OBA obligations in the years ahead.

If an owner builder does not fulfil these requirements, we may suspend or cancel the authorization under section 20.2 of the Homeowner Protection Act.

Owner Builder Enforcement Registry

Top reasons for suspension or cancellation

An owner builder selling their home while it’s under construction or newly built

Owner builders must maintain a registered interest in the land on which they are building throughout construction and for one year after the new home is built. For every authorization issued, we order a new parcel activity notifier subscription with the Land Title Office. We’re advised if there are any changes made to the title of the property.

Learn more from our regulatory bulletin No. 5: Buying or Selling an Owner-Built Home.

An owner builder hiring someone else to be the home’s general contractor

Owner builders must be the general contractor for their home and manage all, or substantially all, of its construction. Our compliance investigators perform random audits, including site visits, to ensure owner builders fulfil this requirement. We also receive anonymous tips on our tip line (1-800-407-7757).

Learn more from our regulatory bulletin No. 25: What Builders Need to Know about Owner Builder Projects.

Consequences of suspension or cancellation

  • The construction of the new home cannot continue.
  • The new home cannot be offered for sale or sold.

Ignoring a suspension or cancellation

If an owner builder continues to ignore their legal obligations and requirements under the Act and its Regulation, we may issue compliance orders or monetary penalties of up to $25,000.

View the Owner Builder Enforcement Registry for more information.

Tips to avoid penalties

Be proactive and work with us to rectify any non-compliance in a timely manner.

Understand your obligations under an Owner Builder Authorization. Non-compliance with the Act and Regulations can make you ineligible for future authorizations.

Owner builders must get an Owner Builder Disclosure Notice from us before entering into a purchase and sale agreement on the sale of their owner-built home. This notice tells prospective buyers that the home was built under an Owner Builder Authorization. It also shows if there is a home warranty insurance policy in place. Request your Owner Builder Disclosure Notice by logging into your account on the owner builder portal or by contacting the Licensing department.

Owner builders who fail to provide this notice could face a monetary penalty.