Canada - British Columbia Housing Benefit Program (CBCHB) Request for Proposals

The Canada-British Columbia Housing Benefit (CBCHB) program will provide housing benefits to low-income households living in non-subsidized rental units.  


In June 2018, the Governments of Canada and British Columbia signed the CMHC-British Columbia Bilateral Agreement under the National Housing Strategy. This is to protect, renew and expand social and community housing.

The Canada – British Columbia Housing Benefit (CBCHB) is one of several initiatives under the CMHC-British Columbia Bilateral Agreement. Joint funding committed through the Canada Housing Benefit aligns with existing provincial programs and initiatives. British Columbian households will benefit with access to affordable, safe, and inclusive housing in their community.

Request for Pre-qualification

This Request for Pre-qualification (RFPQ) is an invitation to non-profit societies or service organizations to submit proposals to deliver and administer Housing Benefits through the CBCHB program across BC.

The Request for Pre-qualification (RFPQ 1070-2223-137) for the Canada-British Columbia Housing Benefit (CBCHB) program was issued October 21, 2022.

The intent of this RFPQ is to create a source list of eligible proponents across all BC regions and communities. The prequalification process may be opened up at any time at the discretion of BC Housing and further proponents may be added into the program.

Who are eligible to submit a proposal?

It is expected that eligible proponents:

  • Non-profit community providers serving vulnerable populations
  • Indigenous and non-profit societies
  • Non-profit cooperative associations
  • Municipal housing authorities
  • Nations