Family Self-Sufficiency Program

This program supports families living in subsidized housing or registered for the Rental Assistance Program in Greater Victoria to build on their skills and learn more about financial self-sufficiency.

Family Self Sufficiency Program

What you’ll learn

You’ll work one-on-one with a family advisor to:

  • Set realistic financial goals
  • Build your savings or reduce your debt
  • Build budgets that work for you
  • Increase your awareness of employment and education opportunities
  • Build your community

You’re eligible if you:

  • Have at least one dependent child
  • Have a before-tax annual income of:
    • $51,700 or less, if you’re living in a two-bedroom home
    • $74,300 or less, if you’re living in a three-bedroom home
    • $84,500 or less, if you’re living in a four-bedroom home
  • Live in subsidized housing and receive a BC Housing subsidy

You must be willing to attend regular meetings, work with an advisor and achieve the goals you set in partnership with your advisor.

How to apply

To apply, please call 604-433-1711 or email

More information

The Family Self Sufficiency Program is run by the Burnside Gorge Community Association. Funding is provided by BC Housing, United Way of Greater Victoria, the Vancity Community Foundation, Capital Region Housing Corporation and the Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative.