If you want to build your own home and lead the project, then you must get an Owner Builder Authorization.

An owner builder is an individual authorized by BC Housing to build a new home for personal use.

Owner builders are exempt from having to become licensed and arrange for third-party home warranty insurance on their home. As an owner builder, you must build or directly manage the construction of your new home yourself. You will also be personally liable for any construction defects in the new home for 10 years.

Before you decide if this is the right path for you, please review our Information for Owner Builders regulatory bulletin. This covers all the eligibility criteria you must meet to get an Owner Builder Authorization and your statutory obligations under the Homeowner Protection Act.

Now that you’ve decided you’d like to be the owner builder of a new home, it’s time to get started on the application process.

Apply for a New Owner Builder Authorization Log in to your Owner Builder Account

For new applicants making a first application:

  • Apply to build a new home for your personal use

For existing clients sign into your account to:

  • Start a subsequent new application
  • Check the status of your application
  • Record your sub-trades & occupancy date
  • Request a Disclosure Notice

After we’ve confirmed you meet the eligibility requirements and you’ve submitted your signed Owner Builder Authorization application, we’ll invite you to take the Owner Builder Exam. The exam tests your knowledge and understanding of home-building basics in two competency areas:

  • Construction basics
  • Statutory obligations and requirements that owner builders must meet under the Homeowner Protection Act

You must pass the exam to get an Owner Builder Authorization. For more information about the exam, such as how to prepare and exam criteria, please consult our Owner Builder Exam page.