Funding Opportunities for Housing Partners

As a provincial Crown corporation, BC Housing provides funding opportunities to partners to assist with new builds, and/or renovations of a variety of affordable housing projects across the province.

Expressions of Interest

Explore Expressions of Interest (EOIs) issued by BC Housing to create or support affordable housing projects.

Building BC: Indigenous Housing Fund

The Building BC: Indigenous Housing Fund facilitates the building and operation of 1,750 units of social housing for Indigenous people in B.C.

Building BC: Supportive Housing Fund

The Building BC: Supportive Housing Fund program provides supportive housing for people who are experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of homelessness.

Building BC: Women's Transition Housing Fund

The Building BC: Women's Transition Housing Fund program provides women and their children who are at risk of violence and/or who have experienced violence with access to safe, secure and confidential services.

Community Partnership Initiatives

This program provides financing, partnership referrals and advice for non-profits looking to develop affordable rental housing or licensed care facilities.

Regional Housing First Program (RHFP)

A program for non-profit housing societies, the private sector, and other community groups interested in creating new affordable rental housing units in the Capital Region.