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New Homes Data

Key indicators of economic activity: B.C.'s Monthly New Homes Registry Report. B.C. Residential Building Statistics and Trends Report.

British Columbia’s Monthly New Homes Registry Report

The Monthly New Homes Registry Report provides information on registered new homes by building type, building size and location.

2019 Monthly Reports

2018 Monthly Reports

BC Residential Building Statistics and Trends Report

This report presents market information and insights on new construction activities for current and prospective homeowners.

BC Housing and the Bank of Canada conducted a study to assess whether new home registration data can be used as a leading indicator for economic activity in B.C. Study results found that quarterly increases in new registrations for single-detached homes has statistically significant predictive content for growth in real GDP over the next one to three quarters. This information provides stronger signals compared to housing starts and building permits data over the same forecast horizon.