Existing Rent Supplement Clients

Helpful information for recipients of Portable Rent Supplements.

Important Information about T5007 - Statement of Benefits

Effective February 2022, BC Housing will issue a T5007 - Statement of Benefits slip for recipients of Portable Rent Supplements and for recipients of the Canada - BC Housing Benefit. Learn more about the T5007 - Statement of Benefits slip.

Annual Review Process

Once a year, residents who receive rent subsidies must declare their current income and household composition to determine if they remain eligible for subsidy. This typically happens on the anniversary of your move-in date. BC Housing will send you the appropriate Rent Forms by mail approximately three months prior to your Annual Review.

What do I do if my income changes?

If your income changes, please notify the BC Housing Rent Desk as soon as possible. They will  determine what documentation you will need to submit.

What do I do if my household changes?

Contact the BC Housing Rent Desk to update your household. Please provide proof of status in Canada for any new household members (e.g. Canadian birth certificate,  Permanent Resident Card, Immigration documents, etc.). In addition:

  • If an adult member (aged 19 or older) joins or leaves the household, you will need to complete a new Rent Form and submit proof of current income for all household members.
  • If an adult dependent aged 19-24 joins the household, please submit proof of dependent status (e.g. proof of full-time student status, declaration on your tax return showing that the person is a dependent).

What do I do if my rent changes?

Submit a copy of your new rent receipt or tenancy agreement to BC Housing. Please ensure that your name, address, rent amount, and landlord’s signature are on the document.

What do I do if I want to move?

Please contact the BC Housing Rent Desk to discuss your moving plans. The Rent Desk can give you information about rent ceilings and what documents you will need to submit.