Partner with us to create new housing in your community

BC Housing welcomes the opportunity to work with partners to create housing solutions.

Collaborative approach to creating new housing

Partnerships are the foundation of our work. Creating new housing and addressing homelessness requires collaboration to be successful.

Partners include:

  • Indigenous organizations
  • the provincial government
  • local government
  • health authorities
  • housing providers
  • service providers
  • developers
  • and community members.

Each community has their own considerations and needs. BC Housing works alongside the community in planning for and responding to housing needs.

Working together on housing solutions

There are many ways that organizations and individuals can support the need to build more homes for people in their communities.

  • Create a municipal housing strategy, in collaboration with Indigenous partners
  • Creating a community housing action table
  • Identify a non-profit housing champion in your community
  • Advocate for your local government to offer developable land at nominal value for the creation of new housing
  • Advocate for your local government to speed-up processes to create housing faster

Whether you are developing, operating, renovating, or maintaining new or existing housing, BC Housing would like to help.

Redevelopment Process

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