Partner With Us

BC Housing welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals and organizations to create affordable housing solutions.

We work in partnership with non-profit sectors and private sectors, community and Indigenous groups, provincial health authorities, ministries and other levels of government. As a partner, we build and facilitate community and business partnerships to find innovative solutions to housing.

As a provincial housing sector organization, we have deep in-house knowledge and experience in asset management, construction and building science. Through every step of the process of building, operating, maintaining and renewing social housing, we provide support and expertise. 

Partnership model

We use a public-private partnership model to create new subsidized housing. Developments are designed and built by the private sector and owned and managed by private, non-profit or co-operative housing providers.

BC Housing acts as a facilitator during the development phase. When the development is complete, we often subsidize operations and monitor performance.

An example of how we can facilitate social housing development

We work with our partners to develop custom solutions

Whether you are developing, constructing, building, operating, renovating or maintaining new or existing social housing, BC Housing would like to help.

Redevelopment Process

Vancouver Coastal & Fraser Regions

Naomi Brunemeyer, Regional Director
Phone: 604-456-8849

James Forsyth, Regional Director
Phone: 778-452-6467

Interior Region

Danna Locke, Regional Director
Phone: 604-439-4193

Northern Region

Amy Wong, Regional Director
Phone: 604-456-8843

Vancouver Island

Malcolm McNaughton, Regional Director
Phone: 778-452-2744