We offer programs and resources that strengthen and enhance our tenant communities.

Tenant Handbook

Tenant Handbook

Download a copy of the Tenant Handbook . It is also available in:

BC Housing tenants are given a Tenant Handbook when they move in to a directly managed property.

Inside the Tenant Handbook you’ll find easy access to helpful information on dozens of subjects, including:

  • Conflicts and complaints
  • Emergency contacts
  • Electricity
  • Keeping pets
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Recycling

You’ll also find useful information on ways you can lower your utility bills and save energy. At BC Housing, we support energy conservation. Our goal is to reduce energy and electricity use and the production of greenhouse gases on all our housing sites.

Tenant Forms

Tenant Forms

Emergency & Maintenance

Emergency & Maintenance

For urgent building repairs, call your building or site manager. If it’s after hours call the site office number for your region, listed in the table below.

BC Housing site or building area After hours contact number
Burns Lake 250-692-7446
Copper Vista 250-443-4123
Cranbrook Scattered Units 250-489-2630
Chetwynd 250-788-9225
Dawson Creek 250-782-8815
Fort Nelson 250-774-2111
Fort St. John 250-785-5086
Greater Metro Vancouver 604-682-4852
Greater Victoria 250-213-8798
Mackenzie 250-997-5105
McBride 250-569-3330
Monashee Court


Mountain View Manor 250-344-7924
Oliver Gardens 250-495-4304
Pineridge Court 250-365-2667
Pioneer Haven 250-395-4743
Prince George 250-562-9251
Riverview Court 250-365-2667
Sasko Manor 250-531-0025
Shuswap Illahee Lodge 250-679-3601
Terrace 250-638-1619
Trade Winds Terrace 250-378-4040
Tumbler Ridge 250-242-7444
Vanderhoof 250-567-4205
Helpful Links

Helpful Links

These links apply to all renters whether you're a tenant renting in the private market, a tenant living in subsidized housing or one of our tenants living in a BC Housing directly managed property.

  • The Residential Tenancy Branch – provides landlords and tenants with information and dispute resolution services.
  • The Residential Tenancy Act– explains the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, including the terms of tenancy agreements, rent increases, the ending of tenancy agreements and the arbitration process for resolving disputes.
  • The Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre  – is a non-profit organization that promotes the legal protection of residential tenants across B.C. by providing information, education, support and research on residential tenancy matters.

BC Housing Programs

  • Rental Assistance Program – provides rental assistance for low-income working families with children under the age of 19 and a household income of less than $40,000. We pay housing assistance directly to eligible households to assist these families in meeting monthly rent payments in the private housing market.
  • Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters – is a program that helps make rents affordable for B.C. seniors with low to moderate incomes. Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters provides monthly cash payments to subsidize rents for eligible B.C. residents who are 60 and older.