Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program

The Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program provides funds for non-profit housing providers to make electric and gas energy upgrades.


BC Housing encourages non-profit housing providers to capitalize on existing utility incentive programs, such as BC Hydro and FortisBC Social Housing Retrofit Support Program, CleanBC Social Housing Implementation Program, or other utility programs. The Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program offers you additional funding to complete small-scale, energy saving retrofits of items such as light fixtures and boilers. Using all incentives together, you can undertake your retrofit projects and retain a portion of the ongoing energy savings.


The Program can help you make a variety of energy-saving upgrades to:

  • Enhance tenant comfort and safety
  • Improve the energy efficiency of affordable housing developments
  • Realize ongoing energy savings
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


If you're a non-profit housing society, housing co-operative or municipal housing authority and your retrofits are eligible for an applicable FortisBC or BC Hydro incentive program, you may be eligible for the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program.

You must have an eligible program operating agreement with BC Housing. For full eligibility details, please refer to the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program Framework .

To Apply

Contact the BC Non-Profit Housing Association at [email protected] or BC Housing [email protected].


Send your funding questions by email to [email protected]. For project questions, email the BC Non-Profit Housing Association at [email protected].


The Program started in 2011, when BC Housing, the BC Non-Profit Association and BC Hydro formed a partnership to increase the energy efficiency of social housing developments and return savings to participating non-profit housing providers. The program expanded in 2013 to include gas retrofit projects and FortisBC incentives.