Qualifications Training for Licensed Residential Builders

Learn how your organization can be approved to provide qualification-level training for builders seeking a new residential builder licence in B.C.

General contractors applying for a new residential builder licence in B.C. must demonstrate competency in seven areas as part of the qualification requirements:

  1. Relevant Enactments
  2. Construction Management and Supervision
  3. Construction Technology
  4. Customer Service and Home Warranty Insurance
  5. Financial Planning and Budget Management
  6. Legal Issues
  7. Business Planning, Management and Administration

The training must meet a detailed list of learning outcomes to show applicants are proficient in one of the seven competency areas to be recognized as an eligible qualifications course.  To learn more about the learning outcomes for each competency area, consult our Core Competency Requirements bulletin. 

Qualifications training can be offered by:

Verifiable attendance

Credit can only be awarded to an applicant after successful completion of a graded exam or assignment. The training provider must provide a certificate of completion to the applicant that can be submitted with their application. That certificate must include:

  • The name of the course
  • The name of the individual who completed the course
  • The date the course was completed
  • The Core Competency Logo (this is issued by BC Housing once you have been approved)
  • Education Providers name

As well as classroom learning, education providers can offer qualifications courses via distance or online options. However, they must still provide an acceptable method of verifying the candidate has successfully completed the course, such as passing an exam or assignment.

If the education provider offers challenge exams for their courses, we’ll accept verification of successful completion of the exam as proof of qualification for that competency.

Getting pre-approved to supply qualifications training

To start the process, education providers should review the core competency bulletin and consider if any of their offerings meet all the learning outcomes for that particular area. If they do, email [email protected] and we’ll send you formal instructions and a spreadsheet to fill out. 

You must identify how each learning outcome is met and tested. You must also send in supporting documents such as manuals, students resource guides, syllabus, or course outlines that clearly demonstrate that the learning outcomes are fully covered.  Stating that a specific topic is being discussed in the class will not suffice. We require written documentation that we can review before pre-approving a course for qualifications.  

Approval granted

Once we approve an education provider and its course, we give it access to the Education Registry. We constantly update the registry, which has our list of pre-approved courses and providers and helps builders find providers when looking for training opportunities.

The registry has a large list of BC Housing pre-approved courses. Search by:

  • Offering
  • Provider name
  • Training format
  • City
  • Area
  • Number of Continuing Professional Development points

We also supply approved education providers with the Core Competency logo, along with a guide sheet on usage.

A circular logo that reads "Core Competency Training, Approved, Registrar BC Housing"

The logo conveys a seal of approval. They tell builders that the course or training opportunity from the provider meets the licensing requirements.

Providers can use the logo online or on printed material associated with the recognized training.

More information

If you have any questions about education and training, call us at 604-646-7050 or 1-800-407-7757 (toll free), or email [email protected]. Our staff will be happy to help you.