Affordable rental housing is for people who have a low-to-moderate income but may not be eligible for subsidized housing. Search and apply for affordable housing such as co-operatives with Housing Listings.

About the Program

Affordable rental housing is housing with rents equal to, or lower than, average rates in the private-market.

Our partners use Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation data to set rates. They may also use information from local communities to set a limit for a specific location.

Note: Affordable rental housing is also known as affordable housing, below-market or lower-end of market housing. See the Glossary for definitions.


Anyone can apply for affordable rental housing. However, housing providers may have specific requirements. For example, they may require that:

  • You are able to live independently
  • You meet the Canadian residency requirements
  • You have a source of income
  • You have names of references
  • You become a member and share tasks, if it’s co-operative housing

See our Glossary for definitions.

Search the Housing Listings

Use the Housing Listings to find affordable rental housing in B.C. You may apply directly to buildings that accept tenant applications.


  • Housing Listings is not a list of housing with vacancies. To discover if a building has vacancies, you must apply to that building.
  • The Housing Listings also include subsidized housing (which you cannot apply to directly).


  1. Go to Housing Listings.
  2. Enter where you want to live, and then select the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms you need. Click Search.
  3. Under Refine your results, select Below-market.
  4. You can select Co-operative to see more choices.
  5. View the list. For each building that interests you, click View Building Details.
  6. In Building Details, go to Apply to.
  7. Make note of the contact information. This may be a phone number, an address, an email address or a website.
  8. Contact the housing provider directly.

Tip: To increase your chances of obtaining a unit, apply to all of the buildings that meet your needs.

After you Apply

The need for affordable housing is much greater than the number of available units. The wait time can vary and it’s difficult to predict when a suitable unit will become available. It can depend on the housing providers, the unit that becomes vacant, the needs of the applicants and many other factors.

Different housing providers use different methods to select renters. Some select renters on a first-come, first-serve basis. Others use a point system, and others prioritize according to housing needs categories. See the Glossary for definitions.

When a unit does become available, the housing provider will contact you directly. The provider may ask you for an interview, verification of your application information and names of references. Each housing provider has his or her own process for reviewing and evaluating applications.