Enforcement Registry

BC Housing’s Enforcement Registry is a publicly available and searchable registry of enforcement actions in the province, which includes compliance orders, monetary penalties and Crown counsel convictions.

We update our records of enforcement actions and Crown counsel convictions every month, pursuant to Section 29.5 of the Homeowner Protection Act. We also keep records of past compliance orders, monetary penalties and convictions.

If an owner builder does not fulfil their requirements, we may suspend or cancel their authorization under section 20.2 of the Homeowner Protection Act.

Owner Builder Enforcement Registry

Compliance Orders

We may issue a compliance order if a person fails to voluntarily comply with the Act or its regulations. Failure to comply with a compliance order may result in fines or court-ordered compliance.

The purpose of a compliance order is to remedy non-compliant behaviour. This may range from building without a licence or appropriate authorization to selling a home that is not covered by home warranty insurance when required. The Act lists further offences.

A person may request that the Registrar reviews a compliance order and may appeal the decision of the Registrar’s review.

If a person refuses or fails to comply with a compliance order and the appeal board has not stayed or rescinded the order, the Registrar may apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for help. The court may order compliance with some or all of the compliance order conditions.

Monetary Penalties

The Registrar may impose a monetary penalty of up to $25,000 if a person fails to comply with a compliance order, a condition of a licence or authorization, or certain provisions of the Act or its regulations. The Act lists further offences.

A person may request that the Registrar review a monetary penalty and may appeal the decision of the Registrar’s review.

When the appeal period expires, or if the appeal board dismisses all or part of the appeal, the penalty becomes a debt payable to BC Housing. The Registrar may then file a certified notice imposing the monetary penalty in either the Supreme Court or Provincial Court. All proceedings may be taken on the notice as if it were a judgment of that court.


In the most serious cases of non-compliance, the Registrar can recommend to Crown counsel that charges be laid against an individual or corporation. Crown counsel would then prosecute through the courts.

Individuals who are convicted may face fines up to $25,000, imprisonment for up to one year — or both. If a corporation commits an offence, every director, officer or other person who authorized, permitted or acquiesced in the offence may face fines up to $25,000, imprisonment for up to one year — or both. A corporation may face fines up to $100,000 if convicted.

Name Enforcement Action Year
Zorawer Singh Sandhar and Balbir Kaur Sandhar  Monetary Penalty 2021
Zorawer Singh Sandhar and Balbir Kaur Sandhar Compliance Order 2018
Zong Gang Guo Compliance Order 2014
Zheng (Tony) Liu Compliance Order 2018
Yong Ming Ping, John Hwak Chew Woo and 2008 Enterprises Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2012
Yin Chee Lee Compliance Order 2019
Yadwinder Singh Grewal and Kulwinder Kaur Grewal Compliance Order 2015
YCG Contracting (YCG), Yolannda Georgeson and Christopher Wayne Georgeson Monetary Penalty 2019
Woojung Chung Compliance Order 2020
Woojung Chung Amended Compliance Order 2020
Woojung Chung Monetary Penalty 2021
Woojung Chung Compliance Order 2021
William Michael Deacon and Diana Lorraine Deacon Monetary Penalty 2011
William Bruce Andrews and Andrew Penner Compliance Order 2012
William Bland and Lucas DeCicco Compliance Order 2009
William Bland and Lucas DeCicco Monetary Penalty 2012
Willi Gottlieb Schmid and Barbara Schmid Compliance Order 2017
Wild West Log Homes Ltd. and Todagin Russell Hodson Compliance Order 2015
Wild West Log Homes Ltd. and Todagin Russel Hodson Monetary Penalty 2016
Weston Albertson and Melissa Albertson Monetary Penalty 2013
Werner Schuck Construction (1997) Ltd Conviction 2003
Watton Homes Ltd. and Ron Watton Compliance Order 2016
Virpal Kaur Gill Monetary Penalty 2013
Violeta Developments Ltd., Violeta Maria Perez, Mandeep Kumar Ranga Compliance Order 2018
Vicki Jeanne Lum Compliance Order 2013
Valerie Spearing Compliance Order 2014
V.I.C. Investments Inc., Wayne William Arnold, and Elyane Maria Del Carmen R. Arnold Compliance Order 2016
U.K. Gill Corp. (UGC), Rajinder S. Gill (R. Gill), and Nilam Gill (N. Gill) Compliance Order 2019
Triple E Holdings Ltd., Elizabeth June Eby, Kham Galen Shantz and Brian Jade Kiesman Compliance Order 2017
Trevor Wesley Stevenson and Karen Mae Stevenson Compliance Order 2014
Trevor Lee Mosher Compliance Order 2013
Trevor Lee Mosher Monetary Penalty 2014
Trafalgar Homes Ltd. and Byron James Schofield Compliance Order 2016
Traci Leah Fitzgerald Monetary Penalty 2012
Tongue and Groove Construction Ltd., Justin Terry Unrau, and Nathan Edward Mattern Compliance Order 2018
Todd Andrew Thomson Compliance Order 2014
Timothy Mascarenhas and Steelewood Builders Inc. Compliance Order 2014
Tharen Soroka, Denise Soroka and TDS Forestry Contracting Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2011
Teth Margaret Haddow, Charles Curtis and Lindsay Curtis Compliance Order 2014
Teresa June Moffat and Guy William James Moffat Compliance Order 2018
Tejinder Singh Rai and Balbir Singh Rai Monetary Penalty 2012
Tejinder Dhaliwal Compliance Order 2018
Taj Homes Development Ltd. and Hardev Singh Grewal Compliance Order 2013
Taina Eliisa Uitto Compliance Order 2013
TKR Developments Ltd. and Raymond Raffard Monetary Penalty 2014
Swarn Singh Chandi and Manjit Kaur Chandi Monetary Penalty 2012
Susan Lois Olson Compliance Order 2014
Surjit Johal Compliance Order 2014
Surinder Pal Gill Compliance Order 2013
Sukhpreet Kaur Takhar Monetary Penalty 2012
Sukhpal Singh Sran Monetary Penalty 2017
Sukhpal Singh Sran Compliance Order 2016
Sukhjinder Kaur Manhas Pagely and Amardeep Singh Manhas Compliance Order 2013
Sukhbir Singh Brar Compliance Order 2017
Subros Homes Ltd. Compliance Order 2020
Stregger Construction Inc., Jeremy Christopher William Stregger, and Mary Nadine Stregger Monetary Penalty 2017
Stregger Construction Inc., Jeremy Christopher William Stregger and Mary Nadine Stregger Compliance Order 2016
Stonegate Properties Ltd, Malkit Singh Dhesi and Sukhminder Singh Gill Compliance Order 2012
Steven Reid and Nicole Clarke Compliance Order 2013
Sterling Pacific Developments Inc. and David William Harper Compliance Order 2017
Sterling Hunt (GP) Ltd. & George Mason & Robert Arthur Forrest Compliance Order 2018
Stephen Gary Lamarche, Patrick John Fines and Kenneth David Suchan Compliance Order 2012
Stephane Noel Desautels Compliance Order 2017
Steele Jordan and Humming Bird Resort Compliance Order 2014
Steel Dragon Enterprises Ltd. and Clayton Tomandl Monetary Penalty 2016
Spiketop Cedar Ltd., James Edward Burgess, and Karen Lee Burgess Compliance Order 2015
Sodhi Dadral and Neelam Dadral Compliance Order 2012
Siltstone Contracting Ltd., Vikramjit Singh, and Lakhvinder Kaur Compliance Order 2018
Shiqi Zhou, Zongxum Zhou and 0913443 B.C. Ltd. dba Arzone Real Estate Investment Ltd. Compliance Order 2014
Sherry Lynn Violet Zielinski Compliance Order 2014
Shawn Hull Compliance Order 2013
Sharlene Gail Raffard Compliance Order 2014
Shanne Clinton Bushey and Raelene Adrienne Vandenbosch Compliance Order 2014
Savinder Gill Compliance Order 2009
Sanraj Holdings & Development Ltd. and Bijay Ram Compliance Order 2018
S A S Johal Enterprises Inc. and Avtar Singh Johal Compliance Order 2014
Ryan Ward Compliance Order 2017
Ryan Robert Kennedy and Michael Robert Kennedy and Gwendolyn Leslie Kennedy Compliance Order 2019
Ryan Lee Davies dba R Davies Developments Compliance Order 2018
Ryan Lee Davies and dba R Davies Developments Monetary Penalty 2019
Russel David Schartner Compliance Order 2017
Ronald Leroy Rennie and Jeanie Margaret Graffunder Compliance Order 2019
Rodney Jay Sawatsky Compliance Order 2018
Robin Kumar and Rohini Kumar Compliance Order 2014
Robin Jay Casey and Josephine Daphne Casey Compliance Order 2017
Robert Walter Reisig Compliance Order 2018
Robert Neil Van Brocklin Compliance Order 2022
Robert Milanovic and Adam Mackenzie Milanovic  Compliance Order 2021
Robert James Weeks and Martha Trinh Tran Compliance Order 2012
Robert Carnduff Compliance Order 2012
Robert Brandstetter and Amy Schmid-Brandstetter Compliance Order 2018
Robert Allen Stromdahl and Sharon Stromdahl Compliance Order 2012
Ritta Lillian Orlinis and Gary Alan Orlinis Compliance Order 2012
Richard Stanley Graham Davies and Barbara Louise Davies Compliance Order 2014
Richard Mark Dewinetz and Evelyn Dewinetz Compliance Order 2022
Richard Donald Mallett and Jennifer Marie Mallett Compliance Order 2017
Rhett Christopher Peterson and Alison Leah Peterson Monetary Penalty 2012
Rhett Christopher Peterson and Alison Leah Peterson Compliance Order 2012
Reid Gary Pirie and Lindsay Marie Pirie Compliance Order 2014
Reginald Wilfred Ross and Jacqueline Frances Ross Compliance Order 2018
Regency Investments Ltd., Omar Sharif, and Amir Sharif Monetary Penalty 2014
Regency Investments Ltd., Omar Sharif, and Amir Sharif Compliance Order 2014
Reddog Logging Ltd. , Alana K and David Stewart Dickson Compliance Order 2020
Ravinder Puri and Anki Puri Compliance Order 2020
Randy Kenneth Burton Compliance Order 2014
Randall Wesley Brown Compliance Order 2016
Randal Stobbe Compliance Order 2014
Rajinder Sahota and Dholpur Holdings Ltd. Compliance Order 2016
R.O.C. Urban Development Corp., Li Chao Gui, Massa Sihota, Harshivkaran Singh Sihota, and Harpreet S. Sihota Compliance Order 2014
Prime B Custom Homes Ltd. and Parmjit Kaur Bal Compliance Order 2017
Preet Homes Ltd. (“PHL”), Hardeep Virk (“H. Virk”), and Kulwinder Virk (“K. Virk”) Compliance Order 2021
Pravin Kumar Monetary Penalty 2021
Prairie Creek Homes Inc. and Daniel Peter Friesen Compliance Order 2020
Prairie Creek Homes Inc. (“PCH”) and Daniel Peter Friesen (“Friesen”) Monetary Penalty 2021
Polar Construction Ltd., Marshall Scott Schneider and Jennifer Schneider Monetary Penalty 2014
Polar Construction Ltd., Jennifer Schneider, and Marshall Schneider Compliance Order 2014
Pierre Bellefeuille Conviction 2009
Philip Garrow, Raven Flello and ADDC Homes Limited Compliance Order 2013
Peter Timothy Unruh Compliance Order 2016
Peter Scott Kerford and Jane Kerford Compliance Order 2017
Peter Liappas Compliance Order 2022
Peter Allan Duttenhoffer and Dollie Lenora Duttenhoffer Monetary Penalty 2014
Peter Allan Duttenhoffer and Dollie Lenora Duttenhoffer Compliance Order 2014
Pete Harding, Art H. Hayden and 0803002 BC Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2013
Perdip Moore and Moore Homes Compliance Order 2012
Pender Harbour Developments Ltd. and Ronald George Badley Compliance Order 2015
Pawitter Basra Compliance Order 2018
Pavitra Singh Rakhra (“P. Rakhra”) Compliance Order 2020
Paulo Guilhermedos Santos Contumelias and Maria Christian Contumelias Compliance Order 2021
Pauline McDonald and Sharon Angela McDonald Compliance Order 2014
Paul Sinclair Compliance Order 2012
Paul Norris, Susan Michelle Norris, and Desiree Lee Norris Compliance Order 2018
Paul Geoffrey Corbett and Christine Marie Ballman Compliance Order 2017
Patricia Gail Marsh Compliance Order 2015
Pasha Construction Ltd. dba PASCON Building Group, Nasser Afrough and Hossein Afrough Compliance Order 2022
Parmjit Deol Monetary Penalty 2012
Parminder Singh Garcha and Labh Singh Garcha Monetary Penalty 2012
Paramjit Singh Chahal Compliance Order 2015
Paramjit Longia and Harbinder Longia Compliance Order 2012
Pamela Fay Bell Compliance Order 2014
Palwinder Singh Gill Compliance Order 2015
Palmer Yachts Ltd. and Paul Clifford Palmer Compliance Order 2015
Pakhar Singh Heer and Manjit Singh Heer Compliance Order 2013
Pacific Port Development Group Ltd. and Sangera Compliance Order 2015
Pacific Port Development Group Ltd. and Rita Rupinder Sangera Compliance Order 2017
Pacific Gate Development Group Ltd. Compliance Order 2020
PD Moore Homes Inc., Gurdish (Deejay) Johal and Perdip Singh Moore Compliance Order 2017
Olympic Mountain Construction Ltd., Jamie McDonald, and Andre Mark Raknes Compliance Order 2014
Okhyun Chung Compliance Order 2017
O.U.R. Ecovillage Cooperative, Trent Berg, Brandy Gallagher, Jeffery J. Leinaweaver, Charles Middleton and Yuri Murakami Compliance Order 2017
O.K. Ceramic Tiles Ltd., Om Kumar Joon Compliance Order 2018
Norwest Nu-Tech Distributors Inc., Elvin Rempel, and Pamela Rempel Monetary Penalty 2017
Norwest Nu-Tech Distributers Inc., Elvin Rempel and Pamela Rempel Compliance Order 2017
Northern Woodworker Ltd. and Ivan Kortchevich Monetary Penalty 2014
Norman Cowan Compliance Order 2022
Nirmal Singh Punia and Gurdeep Kaur Punia Compliance Order 2014
Nicola McCalman Lamorte Amended Compliance Order 2018
Navdeep Singh Kajla and Sukhdeep Singh Kajla Compliance Order 2018
Nathan Janus Shewchuk (“Shewchuk”) Compliance Order 2021
Natalie Marie Raiche Monetary Penalty 2014
Natalie Marie Raiche Compliance Order 2012
Narinder Lally and Gaurav Lally Compliance Order 2018
Nancy Ceridwen Griffiths, Sheila Myrtle Griffiths, Gordon Gabriel Griffiths, and Francine Maria Griffiths Compliance Order 2014
Nancy Ann Lizuck and Yann Le Scieller Compliance Order 2014
Nabob Homes Ltd., 0852845 BC Ltd., and Manjit Singh Rai Monetary Penalty 2016
Nabob Homes Ltd., 0852845 B.C. Ltd., and Manjit Rai Compliance Order 2014
Myhomedesigner.com Ltd. and Aryo Falakrou Compliance Order 2013
Mustak Ahmed Gani Buksh Compliance Order 2013
Mukhbain Singh Gill Monetary Penalty 2013
Mountain West Construction Ltd., Donald Neufeldt, and Elly Neufeldt Compliance Order 2017
Moninder Singh Bual and Dalvinder Kaur Bual Compliance Order 2015
Minder Bhullar and Balwant Singh Sran Compliance Order 2017
Michael Stephen Hanson Monetary Penalty 2020
Michael Stephen Hanson Compliance Order 2019
Michael Nathan West and Judy Elizabeth West Compliance Order 2015
Michael James Ahlm Compliance Order 2012
Mehak Bassi and Shansher Singh Bharaj Compliance Order 2012
Mehak Bassi and Shamsher Singh Bharaj Monetary Penalty 2013
Matthew Thomas Renfrow and 0914603 B.C. Ltd Compliance Order 2014
Matthew Lopez and Matthew Lopez Contracting Ltd. Compliance Order 2020
Matthew Huber Compliance Order 2017
Marni Jo Thorpe Compliance Order 2018
Mark Rodolph Gaudreault and Milagros Clemencia Rivera Cuzco Compliance Order 2022
Marian (Mario) Bitoiu and Home and Style Construction Inc. Monetary Penalty 2011
Marden Leroy Wolsey Compliance Order 2014
Marc Duane Schouten and Jody Michelle Schouten Compliance Order 2018
Manohar Lal Gaba Compliance Order 2017
Manjit Singh Heer and Rajwinder Kaur Heer Compliance Order 2013
Manjit Kaur Nain and Baljit Singh Nain Compliance Order 2012
Manjit Dulai and Balvir Dulai Monetary Penalty 2012
Man Hin Christopher Ho and Catherine Ann Dworak Compliance Order 2018
Louise Kathleen Miller and Norman Nicholas Kadyschuk Compliance Order 2014
Locarno Construction Ltd., Michael Mills, and Nicola O’ Connor Monetary Penalty 2014
Lexington Homes Ltd. and Jaspal Mangat Compliance Order 2018
Larry Allen Penner Monetary Penalty 2017
Larry Allen Penner Compliance Order 2017
Landcraft Homes Ltd., Harjit Sandhu, and Terjinder Chung Compliance Order 2018
Kulwant Mattu and Ranjit Mattu Monetary Penalty 2014
Kulwant Mattu and Ranjit Mattu Compliance Order 2012
Kulvinder Lally and Sarbjit Singh Lally Compliance Order 2016
Kuljit Singh Boughan Monetary Penalty 2017
Kuldip Singh Aulakh and Inderjit Kaur Aulakh Compliance Order 2015
Kuldip Singh Aulakh and Inderjit Kaur Aulakh Compliance Order 2014
Kuldip Singh Aulakh and Inderjit Kaur Aulakh Compliance Order 2015
Konic Development Ltd. and Keith Kin Wai Leung Compliance Order 2021
Kevin Roy Peters Compliance Order 2021
Kenneth Trevor Joel Oliver Compliance Order 2017
Kenneth James Campbell and Doreen Marie Campbell Compliance Order 2013
Ken Babakaiff, David Kenneth Babakaiff, and Amy Anna-Maria Windson Compliance Order 2017
Ken Babakaiff, David Kenneth Babakaiff, and Amy Anna-Maria Windson Monetary Penalty 2018
Kelly Lynne Cooper Amended Compliance Order 2018
Keith Lasser Compliance Order 2014
Kathleen Alexandra Dyck Compliance Order 2015
Kashmir Singh Gosal and Sarabjit Kaur Gosal Compliance Order 2015
Kashmir Singh Gosal and Sarabjit Kaur Gosal Monetary Penalty 2016
Karl Heinz Breitlauch & Jan-Sebastian Breitlauch Compliance Order 2018
Kanani Development Ltd., Inderjit Singh Basra and Jasbir Singh Basra Compliance Order 2015
K.O.A.D. Construction Ltd., Clifford Leslie Danny Henzie and Valerie Ann Blair Monetary Penalty 2020
Justin Daniel Von Lienen Compliance Order 2015
Juhl Campbell Compliance Order 2012
Judith L. Kwiatkowski, Dennis Kwiatkowski, and BC0385770 dba Denny’s Woodwork & Construction Ltd. Compliance Order 2014
Judah Heron Monetary Penalty 2014
Judah Heron Compliance Order 2013
Joseph Francois Duperron Compliance Order 2012
Jonathan Soderman Christensen and Ashley Margaret Juliet Christensen Monetary Penalty 2012
John F. Jensen Compliance Order 2014
John F. Jensen Monetary Penalty 2017
John Dueck Klippenstein Compliance Order 2016
John Dueck Klippenstein Monetary Penalty 2016
John Anthony Eimer Monetary Penalty 2013
Joginder Kaur Randhawa Compliance Order 2012
Jody Lynn Elizabeth Moyls and Nicolas Jackson Inglis Compliance Order 2018
Jessy Shergill Compliance Order 2012
Jessie MacCosham Compliance Order 2013
Jeremy Henk Goosen Compliance Order 2014
Jeffrey Manson Monetary Penalty 2011
Jeffrey Bruce Franklin Compliance Order 2014
Jeffery Russell Compliance Order 2014
Jeet Singh Bhatti and Jaswinder Kaur Bhatti Compliance Order 2012
Jean Hayek (“Hayek”) and Keen Construction Limited (“KCL”) Compliance Order 2021
Jatinder Singh Dhaliwal Compliance Order 2016
Jaswant Rakhra (“J. Rakhra”) and Surjit Rakhra (“S. Rakhra”) Compliance Order 2021
Jasvir Kaur Kaloya and Kulwinder Singh Kaloya Compliance Order 2012
Jaspaul Shergill Compliance Order 2014
Jason Osborn Monetary Penalty 2012
Jason Osborn Compliance Order 2012
Jason Neil Butler and Cristina Michelle Butler Compliance Order 2014
Jasleen Kaur Hare and Kuldeep Kaur Hare Compliance Order 2015
Jaskirat Mavi and Davinder Mavi Monetary Penalty 2012
Jasbir Singh Mehta and Rupinder Mehta Compliance Order 2018
Jan Romanik and Teresa Romanik Amended Compliance Order 2018
Jamie Lee Fahselt, Clayton Gordon Fahselt, Travis Odell Fahselt, Melissa Joy Fahselt, Sharyl Lynn Fahselt, Brian Odell Fahselt, Lynda Corrine Czernicki, Lesley Lavern Czernicki, Norine Dawn McLennan and Lance Scott McLennan Compliance Order 2017
Jamie Christopher Mydaniuk and Chrystal Rae Sawry Compliance Order 2012
James Latham dba Capital City Construction Compliance Order 2021
Jagtar Randhawa compliance Order 2017
Jagtar Randhawa Monetary Penalty 2018
Jagpal Development Ltd., Navjote Singh Jagpal, Navepal Singh Jagpal and Randeep Johal Compliance Order 2022
JSMDL and Simons Compliance Order 2016
JMJ Enterprises Ltd., Jasvir S. Binning, Manjit S. Binning, and Jaswant S. Binning Compliance Order 2015
J. Simons Management and Development Ltd. and Jeffery Simons Compliance Order 2016
J. A. Construction Ltd. and Jasvir Gill Compliance Order 2014
Izinga Contracting Inc., Jason J. Macdonald, and Shaun Oosthuizen Monetary Penalty 2017
Izinga Contracting Inc. Jason J. Macdonald and Shaun Oosthuizen Compliance Order 2016
Island Dream Builders Inc, Darren Gaudreault, Marcel Gaudreault, and Monica Gaudreault Compliance Order 2013
Incircle Projects Ltd. (“IPL”) and King Yeung Luk (“Luk”) Compliance Order 2021
Ideal Primetime Holding Co. Ltd., Satinder Sethi, and Surjit Singh Sethi Compliance Order 2017
Ideal Primetime Holding Co. Ltd., Satinder Sethi, and Surjit Singh Sethi Monetary Penalty 2018
Ian Neil Walmsley and Holly Shalom Grieve Compliance Order 2013
Ian Neil Walmsley and Holly Shalom Grieve Monetary Penalty 2014
Ian Douglas Parris Compliance Order 2022
Huber Construction Ltd. and Bernard Huber Compliance Order 2017
House & Castle Construction Ltd. and Davied Broderick Compliance Order 2014
Hina Sami and Sami Ullah Khan Compliance Order 2012
Henry Kozlowski and Valerie Kozlowski Monetary Penalty 2013
Helen Pilon and Raymond Pilon Compliance Order 2014
Heather Wood Compliance Order 2012
Harvey Williams and Brian Burch Conviction 2009
Hartley Jones, Anmore Woods Ltd, Robert K. Smurthwaite and Darren R. Smurthwaite Compliance Order 2012
Harry Tensen and Debra Marion Tensen Compliance Order 2020
Harpreet Poonia Compliance Order 2008
Harpreet Kaur Saprai and Amarbir Singh Saprai Compliance Order 2012
Harold Edward Dyck and Trudy Faye Dyck Compliance Order 2016
Harcharan Singh Padda Compliance Order 2016
Gurwinder Dhaliwal and Onkar Dhaliwal Compliance Order 2014
Gurwinder Dhaliwal and Onkar Dhaliwal Monetary Penalty 2014
Gurvinder Singh Cheema and Sarbjit Kaur Cheema Compliance Order 2012
Gurnam Samra Monetary Penalty 2013
Gurnam Samra Compliance Order 2012
Gurmit Singh Uppal and Jagdish Kaur Uppal Monetary Penalty 2013
Gurinder Purewal Compliance Order 2013
Gurdev Kaur Bhullar Compliance Order 2012
Gurdeep Kainth and Symphony Homes Limited Monetary Penalty 2013
Guo Rui Kuang Compliance Order 2017
Guanqun Zhang Compliance Order 2014
Gregg Allen Kikkert and Natasha Kathleen Kikkert Compliance Order 2014
Gordon Allan Clark Compliance Order 2015
Global Integrated Facilities Ltd, Raghabir S. Aujla and Surinder Pahal Compliance Order 2013
Gerhard Albert Allgaier and Georgina Doreen Du Russel Compliance Order 2015
Gary Dale Heinrichs and Maria Secorro Portia Heinrichs Compliance Order 2015
Gary Alan Orlinis (“G. Orlinis”) and Retta Lillian Orlinis (“R. Orlinis”) Compliance Order 2021
Garth Koberg Amended Compliance Order 2018
Garry Glen Burlingame and Karen Lee Burlingame Monetary Penalty 2012
Gallery Homes & Blair Edward Gunn Compliance Order 2015
G.A. Construction Ltd., Guvinder Aujla, and Dalbir Aujla Compliance Order 2018
Frank Nielsen Construction Inc. (“FNCI”), Vesti Hakon Henry Nielsen, and Sean Alexander Frank Compliance Order 2018
Flawless Homes Ltd. and Stefan Bullert Compliance Order 2015
Flawless Homes Ltd. and Stefan Bullert Monetary Penalty 2016
First Accredit Mortgage Corporation, Rory Howard Campbell, Paul Edward Croy, Jeffery Alexander Moses, Walter Rodney Neufeld, and Christopher Pahl Compliance Order 2013
Farhad Farzady Compliance Order 2015
Elizabeth Anne Morrison and Kevin Burns Morrison Compliance Order 2018
Eelake Liau and 0720958 BC Ltd. Compliance Order 2008
Eelake Liau and 0720958 BC Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2010
Edwin Van Strien, Sheila Patricia Wade and Swade Holdings Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2011
Edward Raye Hirst and Patricia Joan Hirst Compliance Order 2018
Edward Brannon Johnson Compliance Order 2015
Edward Arthur Anderson Compliance Order 2015
Eduard Hocha and Nadja Hocha Compliance Order 2017
Duric Development Ltd. and Zvonimir Duric Compliance Order 2018
Douglas Arthur Nash Compliance Order 2012
Doreen Heather Menu Compliance Order 2014
Donna Simone Marie Revet and Joseph William Hewitt Compliance Order 2019
Donna Simone Marie Revet (“Revet”) and Joseph William Hewitt (“Hewitt”) Amended Compliance Order 2020
Donald Marcel Gaudreault and Rosalina Pineda Gaudreault Compliance Order 2020
Donald Gordon Lea, Clifford Reginald Mcintosh and Verda Berdemia Mcintosh Compliance Order 2012
Dilbagh Singh Sandhu and Satwant Kaur Sandhu Monetary Penalty 2012
Diane Evelyn Culling and Brad Alan Culling Compliance Order 2018
Dharm Joshi, dba VDJ Custom Homes and Vikash Joshi Compliance Order 2020
Derrick Jolly Construction Ltd. and Martyn C. Jolly Compliance Order 2018
Derek John Wolstenholme and Deborah Elisabeth Hamilton Wolstenholme Compliance Order 2013
Dema Developments Ltd., Sunny Singh Deol, Sukhvinder Kaur Mandair and Sachan Mandair Compliance Order 2017
Dejana Alexis Milankov Monetary Penalty 2013
Deborah Louise Williams (“D. L. Williams”) and David Norman Williams (“D. N. Williams”) Compliance Order 2021
Dean Kenneth Heyland Compliance Order 2013
Davied Broderick, Daniel Howden, and Beach Grove Properties Ltd. Compliance Order 2013
David Anthony Sims Quinn and Kelly Jean Colleen Comishin Compliance Order 2015
David Anthony Harper and Margaret Yvonne Harper Compliance Order 2015
David Alexander Borden and Lynn Kelly Borden Monetary Penalty 2013
David Alexander Borden and Lynn Kelly Borden Compliance Order 2012
Darrel David Jones and Catherine Hazel Jones Compliance Order 2015
Darlene Helen Lessard Compliance Order 2020
Darcy Franklin, Brad Philip and Meranti Developments Ltd. Compliance Order 2014
Darcy Finch Compliance Order 2012
Daniel Louise Saulnier and Louise Agatha Saulnier Compliance Order 2012
Daniel Gerrit DeJong (“D. DeJong”) and Rejeanne Danielle Stephanie DeJong (“R. DeJong”) Compliance Order 2021
Daniel David Warchol and David Wayne Warchol Compliance Order 2015
Daniel David Warchol Compliance Order 2015
Dandra Holdings Ltd. and Robert Woodsworth Compliance Order 2014
Daljit Rai Monetary Penalty 2011
Daljit Kaur Uppal Monetary Penalty 2012
D.B.C. Construction Ltd and David Cameron Compliance Order 2017
D.B.C Construction Ltd. and David Cameron Monetary Penalty 2018
Colin Eldan Corby and Sherryl Marlene Corby Monetary Penalty 2014
Claudio Brunetti and Brianne Jenene Brunetti Compliance Order 2013
Claudia Rosas Compliance Order 2015
Christopher William Pedersen Compliance Order 2016
Christopher Douglas Godin and Godin Contracting Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2020
Christof Friedlos and Gabriela Maria Friedlos Compliance Order 2014
Charles Randal Lucas and 0773871 BC Ltd. dba Lucas Construction Monetary Penalty 2014
Charan Singh Hyare and Rashpaul Kaur Hyare Compliance Order 2018
Catherine Jean Demers (“C. Demers”) and James Israel Benjamin Demers (“J. Demers”) Compliance Order 2021
Carol Ann Zigler Compliance Order 2019
Carol Ann Zigler Amended Compliance Order 2020
Carol Ann Jensen and Cory Kristofor Jensen Compliance Order 2012
Carla Judith Meckling and Christina Mary Tew Compliance Order 2020
C. Large Construction Ltd. and Christopher Large Compliance Order 2013
Byron Chief Moon Monetary Penalty 2019
By Design Construction and Bhajan Purba Compliance Order 2018
Bryco Enterprises Ltd. and Bryan James Halbauer Compliance Order 2015
Bruce Warren Bell Compliance Order 2020
Brian Mathew Elson and Louise Elson Monetary Penalty 2016
Brian Mathew Elson and Louise Elson Compliance Order 2015
Brian Aikins and Debra Marie Aikins Compliance Order 2015
Breeze Properties Ltd., James Stephen Brown, John Weldon Lane and S. Douglas Mazurek Compliance Order 2017
Brandy Koch-Zigler Compliance Order 2022
Bradshaw Construction Ltd. and Russell Dale Bradshaw Compliance Order 2020
Bradley Alan Jennings and Jeanne Marie Jennings Compliance Order 2012
Blake Clinton Michaud & Deborah Shirley Armstrong Compliance Order 2020
Binder Singh Lalli and 0732433 BC Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2009
Bennefield Construction Ltd. & Blue Beaudry Bennefield Compliance Order 2019
Benjamin Phillip Legg Monetary Penalty 2013
Benbow Enterprises (2013) Ltd. and John Benbow Compliance Order 2018
Benbow Enterprises (2013) Ltd. (“BEL”) and John Stevenson Benbow (“Benbow”), Compliance Order 2021
Ben Bouchard Contracting Ltd. and Benoit Raymond Bouchard and Nancy Bouchard Compliance Order 2018
Beechworth Properties Ltd., Vikram Kalsi, and Karmjit Kalsi Compliance Order 2018
Beach Grove Properties Ltd. and Davied Broderick Compliance Order 2016
Barry Jerome Gillis and Karen Ka Yan Gillis Compliance Order 2012
Barry Edward Kreutz and Elaine Louise Kreutz Compliance Order 2014
Barbara May Harris Compliance Order 2017
Balwant Singh Brar, Swaran Kaur Brar and Wonderland Homes Inc. Monetary Penalty 2011
Balwant Singh Brar and Swaran Kaur Brar Monetary Penalty 2011
Balwant Singh Brar and Manpreet Grewal Monetary Penalty 2011
Baljinder Biling Compliance Order 2018
Balhar Cheema, Harnek Cheema and Tirath Singh Compliance Order 2012
Bahram Farzady Compliance Order 2015
Aztec Developments Ltd, Manjeet Singh Dhillon and Gurnam Singh Dhillon Compliance Order 2012
Arvindera Ghag (“A. Ghag”) and Harjit Ghag (“H. Ghag”) Compliance Order 2019
Arvinder Singh Panesar and Sukhjit Kaur Panesar Monetary Penalty 2013
Arthur Wei Chih Lin Compliance Order 2018
Arjan Holdings Ltd. and Salinder Singh Bhatti Compliance Order 2019
Arjan Holdings Ltd. and Salinder Singh Bhatti Monetary Penalty 2020
Ardent Construction Ltd. and Robert George Wighton Compliance Order 2016
Ar-Man Construction & Development Ltd., Gurnek (Niki) Sandhu, Dalbinder Sandhu, Arjanjeet Sandhu, and Gurarman Sandhu Compliance Order 2018
Anthony William Vanderbyl and Kelly Seline Vanderbyl Compliance Order 2019
Annalise Toporowski Monetary Penalty 2015
Angus John Ellery (“A. Ellery”) and Carolynn Hope Ellery (“C. Ellery”)(together, “the Ellerys”) Compliance Order 2021
Andrew Wepruk, Robert H. Granleese, Raegan Gibb, Don Burrell, George Gafiuk, Harvey Griffith, John Blackburn, Oscar Reimer, William Granleese, and Cave Hill Investments Ltd. Compliance Order 2013
Andreas Urich Compliance Order 2016
Andreas Urich Monetary Penalty 2017
Andrea Hook, Lawrence Hook and Hook & Hook Renovations and Design Inc. Compliance Order 2020
Andrea Danielle Moore and James Anthony Moore Compliance Order 2014
Andrea Danielle Moore and James Anthony Moore Monetary Penalty 2014
Amorous Homes Ltd. and Robyn Elden Kelln Compliance Order 2014
Ambrose Kerr Conviction 2009
Alvin James Eriksen Compliance Order 2014
Alex King Charn Chang and Tricon Pacific Contracting Ltd. Monetary Penalty 2014
Alex King Charn Chang and Tricon Pacific Contracting Ltd. Compliance Order 2014
Alan Darcy Schaeffer and Katerina Schaeffer Compliance Order 2018
Afshin Tajbakhsh and Afdon Developments Ltd. Compliance Order 2018
Afdon Contracting Ltd. and Afshin Tajbakhsh Compliance Order 2018
Advanced Log Homes Ltd. and Jonathan Hessler Compliance Order 2017
Advanced Log Homes Ltd. and Jonathan Hessler Monetary Penalty 2019
Adeline Stone Compliance Order 2015
Abraham David Henry Dyck and Marlene Dyck Compliance Order 2014
Abe Guenter Compliance Order 2012
Abe Guenter Monetary Penalty 2012
Abco Marine Developments Ltd., Dean Acton and Margaret Acton Compliance Order 2013
A0055278 dba VIA Mortgage Investment Corporation, Todd Hickling, John Lopez and Anne Ambroziewicz Monetary Penalty 2014
A Legacy of Designs Ltd. and Bradley Wayne Dziedzic Compliance Order 2017
633627 Alberta Ltd., Dorrie Ann Morrow, and David Morrow Compliance Order 2018
178 Developments Ltd., Kevin Lieh Hua Hsu, Regan Wong and Louie For Yip Compliance Order 2014
1498338 Alberta Ltd. and Mehdi (Terry) Sassaninejad Compliance Order 2017
13938 Holdings Corporation and Eddie Chiu Monetary Penalty 2011
1016082 BC Ltd. and Yogeshchandra Nathawad Compliance Order 2022
1002357 B.C. Ltd. and Shane Alore Compliance Order 2018
0981478 B.C. Ltd. and Mark Chandler Compliance Order 2017
0968709 B.C. Ltd. and Paul Davis Compliance Order 2019
0914603 B.C. Ltd. and Matthew Thomas Renfrow Compliance Orders 2013
0910713 B.C. Ltd. and Gurdeep Kainth Compliance Order 2013
0899869 B.C. Ltd. and Wenda Deane Monetary Penalty 2012
0873123 B.C. Ltd, Randy Marston and Teresa Marston Compliance Order 2017
0856131 B.C. Ltd. and Dwayne Peleshaty Monetary Penalty 2015
0839764 B.C. Ltd. and Sukhpal Sran Compliance Order 2015
0827697 B.C. Ltd., Bella Lorenzo Bland, and William Bland Compliance Order 2014
0827697 B.C. Ltd., Bella Lorenzo Bland and William Bland Monetary Penalty 2014
0814112 B.C. Ltd. and Roland Stanley Nadon Compliance Order 2015
0809151 BC Ltd and Ricky Singh Brar Compliance Order 2012
0773871 BC Ltd. dba Lucas Construction and Charles Randal Lucas Compliance Order 2013