Canada-BC (CBCHB) Housing Benefit Eligibility

Housing benefit providers identify and select eligible applicants. 

Canada-BC Housing Benefit Eligibility


The household must live in British Columbia and each member of the core household is:

  • A Canadian citizen; or:
  • A permanent resident of Canada; or
  • A refugee sponsored by the Government of Canada; or
  • An individual who has applied for refugee status.
  • Neither the recipient nor their spouse can be under private sponsorship. Except where BC Housing has accepted that private sponsorship has broken down

Approved Residence

Neither the recipient nor their spouse can be under private sponsorship. An exception could be BC Housing accepts private sponsorship has broken down.

  • The residence must be in British Columbia;
  • It must be the recipient’s primary residence; and
  • The recipient must pay more than 30% of gross monthly; income towards the rent. 

The following residences are eligible:

  • Any self-contained apartment or suite where the Residential Tenancy Act applies. Including shared rental situations.
  • Shared rental situations. Including co-tenants or tenants in common where the Residential Tenancy Act applies.
  • Community Housing where the development or unit is not receiving ongoing subsidy.
  • Manufactured homes where the recipient pays rent for either the home or the pad (site), or both.
  • Co-ops where the recipient is a tenant of the co-op. The co-op must confirm the recipient is not a shareholder and has signed a tenancy agreement.

The following may be eligible if it's a primary residence and rent is paid monthly:

  • Recreational vehicles;
  • Floating homes;
  • Longer term hotel and motel accommodations;
  • A room rented from the owner of the accommodation where the owner also resides in the home.

The following property types are not eligible:

  • Any residence where the rent subsidized or paid by the government at any level.
  • Units that are part of a development that receives government housing assistance.
  • Co-op housing where any individual living in the residence is a shareholder.
  • A home owned by the recipient, other than a manufactured home where the recipient pays rent for the pad (site).
  • Private assisted living or any residence where the recipient pays room and board.
  • Any residence where the landlord is the provider administering the housing benefit to the recipient.


Gross household income must not exceed the CBCHB income limits. As established by BC Housing from time to time.

Household Income Limits:

  • Singles or couples without dependents: Monthly $2,666.00, Annual $31,992.00
  • Family* of 4 or less: Monthly $3,333.33, Annual $40,000.00
  • Family of 5 or more: Monthly $3,700.00, Annual $44,400.00

*Family is defined as a household with at least one dependent child.