Homeless Counts

This report and community profiles summarize findings from 24 homeless counts conducted in communities across British Columbia.

These findings also include shelter data from communities that were not involved in a homeless count. The result is an overall snapshot of homelessness in B.C. The data presented here will inform B.C.’s Homelessness Action Plan and provide a baseline to measure progress.

In spring of 2018, the Province of British Columbia funded homeless counts in 12 B.C. communities. The Homelessness Services Association of BC, Urban Matters and the BC Non-Profit Housing Association coordinated these counts and combined the results with available data from 12 additional counts and shelters to prepare this report. Sources of data include:

  • 12 homeless counts funded by the provincial government (March/April 2018)
  • Six homeless counts funded by the federal government through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy and two independent homeless counts (March/April 2018)
  • Four additional counts (2017)
  • Shelter data from other B.C. communities (collected by BC Housing)

2018 Report on Homeless Counts in B.C.

This report provides a broad picture of homelessness in British Columbia, with coverage of more than 85 percent of the province by population. It details important baseline information on the estimated number, key demographic, and service provision needs of people experiencing homelessness in B.C. communities.

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Homeless counts funded by B.C. government

Learn more about the homeless counts findings in the following community profiles below.