Avoid Suspension or Cancellation of your Licence

The Registrar may suspend or cancel your B.C. residential builder licence under certain conditions.

As a builder in B.C., you could be licensed as a general contractor, developer, building envelope renovator — or a combination of those three. The Homeowner Protection Act sets out conditions under which the Registrar may decide to suspend or cancel your licence:

  • For any reason that would have disqualified the licence in the first place
  • For making a false statement on the application
  • For refusing to provide information on a material matter as requested by the Registrar
  • For a breach of a condition of licensing
  • For a conviction of an offence under the Homeowner Protection Act or Regulations
  • If the licence was issued in error

Keeping your home warranty insurance up to date is vital. Builders have their licences suspended most often for two common reasons: they lose the support of their home warranty insurance provider or they fail to renew with their warranty provider during the term of their licence.

Tip: Make sure you renew your home warranty insurance acceptance on time.