BC Housing Program Frameworks for Partners

Program Frameworks are a resource for housing providers and developers.

The frameworks provide access to information about the programs we operate and manage. They lay out the program principles, eligibility, and roles and responsibilities.

FrameworkProgram Description
Affordable Home Ownership Program (AHOP) Program FrameworkBC Housing delivers the Affordable Home Ownership Program (AHOP) through HousingHub to support the development of new homes for eligible home buyers.
Affordable Housing Program Framework

This framework provides funding to preserve and increase affordable rental housing supply in British Columbia. 

Programs under this Framework: 

  • Affordable Rental Housing (ARH)
  • Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH)
  • Investment in Housing Innovation (IHI)
  • Provincial Investment in Affordable Housing (PIAH)
  • Social Infrastructure Fund (SIF)
Affordable Rental Housing Initiative (Columbia Basin) Program FrameworkThe initiative helps create affordable rental housing for low- to moderate income households in the Columbia Basin. 
BC Builds Rental Supply Program FrameworkThe BC Builds Rental Supply Program is delivered by BC Housing through BC Builds to increase the supply of rental housing that is suitable for middle-income households, at an accelerated pace.
BC Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (HOME) Partnership Program FrameworkBC HOME Partnership assisted eligible first-time homebuyers with down payment loans. The program is closed, and the framework is for information only.
BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) FrameworkBC RAHA provides rebates to eligible households to complete home adaptations for independent living.    
Canada - British Columbia Housing Benefit (CBCHB) Program FrameworkCBCHB provides monthly rent assistance to vulnerable low-income households who are not served by existing programs.
Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) Program FrameworkCPI facilitates the creation of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households in communities across British Columbia. 
Capital Renewal Fund Funding FrameworkCRF provides funding to protect existing affordable housing units that are owned by non-profit housing providers and the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation (PRHC).
Emergency Shelter Program (ESP) FrameworkThe Emergency Shelter Program provides funding to homeless shelters and drop-in centres. This includes seasonal and temporary shelter services.
Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program FrameworkEERP helps non-profit housing providers make energy saving upgrades for tenant comfort, safety and cost savings. 
Extreme Weather Response (EWR) Program FrameworkThe EWR program funds extreme weather response shelters in communities across the province. 
HEART and HEARTH Program FrameworkThe HEART and HEARTH Program provides support services, new shelters, and housing options to people living outdoors and in encampments.
Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) FrameworkThe Homeless Outreach Program connects people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with housing and services.
Independent Living BC (ILBC) Program FrameworkILBC provides rental housing and support services for low- and moderate-income seniors and people with disabilities.
Provincial Redevelopment Program (PRP) FrameworkPRP revitalizes aging or underutilized provincially owned assets to create and preserve affordable rental housing units.
Provincial Rental Supply Program FrameworkBC Housing delivers the Provincial Rental Supply program through HousingHub to increase rental housing supply for middle-income households.
Regional Housing First Program (RHFP) Program FrameworkRHFP funds develop and acquire new affordable housing units to be owned by Capital Regional District or Provincial Rental Housing Corporation. 
Rental Assistance Program (RAP) FrameworkRAP provides monthly help to make rents more affordable for eligible low-income families.
Secondary Suite Incentive Program FrameworkSSIP provides financial assistance to help homeowners create a new secondary suite on their property to be rented out for below market value.
Seniors Rental Housing Program FrameworkSeniors Rental Housing initiative includes capital funding for the construction of new units for seniors and persons with disabilities.
Seniors Supportive Housing Program FrameworkThis program upgrades existing seniors housing to provide supportive services. The services for tenants include meals, housekeeping, and security (including 24-hour monitoring).
Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) Program FrameworkSAFER provides monthly help to make rents more affordable for eligible British Columbia seniors with low- and moderate incomes.
Subsidized Rental Housing Program Framework

This program funds affordable rental housing programs that provide subsidized and Rent Geared to Income (RGI) housing. 

Programs under this Framework: 

  • Community Housing Fund (CHF)
  • Indigenous Housing Fund (IHF)
Supportive Housing Program Framework

The Supportive Housing Program provides funding for housing with support services to people struggling with homelessness. 

Programs under this Framework: 

  • Complex Care Housing (CCH)
  • Homelessness Action Plan (HAP/HAP Enhanced)
  • Provincial Homelessness Initiative (PHI)
  • Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI)
  • Rapid Response to Homelessness (RRH)
  • Supportive Housing Fund (SHF)
Supported Rent Supplement Program FrameworkThe SRSP provides services to Canada BC Housing Benefit (CBCHB) recipients.
Women's Transition Housing and Supports Program FrameworkThis program provides support services and shelter to women with or without dependents who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence.