Enforcement Action
Compliance Order
Issue Date

Sodhi Dadral (“S. Dadral”) and Neelam Dadral (“N. Dadral”), contrary to section 14(1) of the Homeowner Protection Act (“ Act”),  sold a new home in Vancouver, B.C. (“New Home 1”) on, or about, March 30, 2012 and offered/ marketed for sale another new home in Vancouver, BC (“New Home 2”), between the dates of, in, or about, February 2012, and May 25, 2012, without a valid Homeowner Protection Office (“HPO”) Licence. On May 25, 2012, the HPO issued Compliance Order 12-0029 to S. Dadral and N. Dadral (together, the “Dadrals”) directing that the offering for sale, marketing, completion of any Purchase/Sale Agreement that may be in place, or already in place, and/or actual sale of New Home 2 cease immediately, provide the HPO evidence of the sale offering cancellations for the New Home 2, and become an HPO Licensed Residential Builder pursuant to section 14 of the Act, prior to renewing any marketing efforts and/or offering the New Home 2 for sale. Sodhi Dadral and Neelam Dadral were directed to comply with Compliance Order 12-0029 by June 8, 2012.