Locarno Construction Ltd., Michael Mills, and Nicola O’ Connor

Enforcement Action
Monetary Penalty
Issue Date

On February 12, 2014, pursuant to s. 28.3(1)(a) of the Homeowner Protection Act (the “Act”), s. 20.1(2)(b) and s. 20.1(2)(f) of the Homeowner Protection Act Regulation (the “Regulations”), Locarno Construction Ltd. (“LCL”), Michael Mills (“Mills”), and Nicola O’ Connor (“O’ Connor”), jointly and severally, were issued a monetary penalty in the single amount of $9,800. This Monetary Penalty was issued for the following reasons:

  • LCL, Mills, and O’Connor, contrary to s. 14(1) and s. 22(1) of the Act, constructed a new home in Vancouver, B.C. (the “New Home”), between the period of, or about, December 2011 and October 2012, without being a Homeowner Protection Office  Licensed Residential Builder and without the New Home being registered for coverage by home warranty insurance provided by a warranty provider; and
  • The contraventions of the Act by LCL, Mills, and O’Connor make LCL, Mills, and O’Connor, subject to a monetary penalty pursuant to s. 28.3(1)(a) of the Act, s. 20.1(2)(b), and s. 20.1(2)(f) of the Regulations.