Derrick Jolly Construction Ltd. and Martyn C. Jolly

Enforcement Action
Compliance Order
Issue Date

Derrick Jolly Construction Ltd. (“DJCL”) and Martyn C. Jolly (“M. Jolly”) built or caused to have built a new home in Blind Bay, BC (the “New Home”), sometime prior to October 8, 2016. Although DJCL has been a BC Housing (“BCH”) Licensed Residential Builder (23109) since August 14, 2002, contrary to section 22(1) of the Homeowner Protection Act (the “Act”), the New Home was not registered for coverage by home warranty insurance (“HWI”) provided by a warranty provider. On January 19, 2018, BCH issued Compliance Order 18-0001 to DJCL and M. Jolly directing that DJCL and M. Jolly immediately either:

  • register the New Home for coverage by HWI provided by a warranty provider pursuant to section 22(1) of the Act; or
  • provide BCH Compliance Department with proof that the New Home is currently enrolled in a policy of HWI pursuant to section 22 of the Act.

DJCL and M. Jolly were ordered to comply with Compliance Order 18-0001 by February 9, 2018. Complied.