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Builder Licensing

How to get, keep, and renew a residential builder licence. Learn about registering a new home and home warranty insurance.

Builder licensing essentials

Become a Licensed Residential Builder

Are you a general contractor, developer or building envelope renovator seeking to construct a new home in B.C.? You must first become a licensed residential builder. Our step-by-step guide will show you how.

Choose Your Licence Type

General contractor, developer or building envelope renovator—or a combination of the three: this decision is vital information on your residential builder licence.

Amending and Updating Your Licence

How to keep your profile on the portal up to date, including changing your contact info, your CPD nominee, or your company name and structure.

Maintaining Qualified Status on Your Licence

Staying continuously licensed is key to maintaining your qualified status. Find out CPD how is integral to this, plus how qualified status applies to different company types.

How to Take CPD

Continuing Professional Development is a mandatory part of renewing your licence. Find out all the details of trainings you can take.

Renewing Your Licence

If you’re a general contractor, developer or building envelope renovator who’s aiming to build or sell new homes in the 12 months after your licence expires, you must renew your licence.

Avoid Suspension or Cancellation of your Licence

The Registrar may suspend or cancel a residential builder licence. Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Builder Licensing FAQ

Still looking for answers? Our FAQ will help.

Registration & warranty insurance

Register a New Home

If you’re looking to build a new home, the project must be registered and enrolled in home warranty insurance, or have an applicable exemption. Let us show you how.

Home Warranty Insurance Providers

Our list details the insurance companies approved by the Financial Institutions Commission that can provide home warranty insurance. Contact them for more information.

Third-party Home Warranty Insurance

Our guide will help you learn more about getting acceptance from a home warranty insurance provider, possible exemptions, enrolling projects in home warranty insurance and more.

Working With Your Warranty Provider During Construction

Learn more about the responsibilities of licensed residential builders to their home warranty insurance provider during and after construction of a new home.

How to Use the 2-5-10 Year Home Warranty Insurance Logo

All new homes built by licensed residential builders in B.C. must have 2-5-10 home warranty insurance, the strongest construction defect insurance in Canada.

Building Envelope Renovation Schedule

You must complete a Building Envelope Renovation Schedule and have it sealed by your warranty provider before applying for a building permit or starting applicable building envelope renovations.

Building Envelope Renovation Warranty Insurance

Find out which insurance companies supply coverage, how to get warranty acceptance and coverage, what the coverage includes and possible exemptions.

Building Permits for New Homes and Building Envelope Renovations

Save time on your building permit application by being prepared with the right information to give your local municipality or regional district.

Rental Exemption

Learn more about the acceptance criteria for a rental exemption and requirements for the restrictive covenant to be registered on title.