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Owner Builder

Learn how to become an owner builder in order to build a new home for your personal use. Plus get tips on buying and selling an owner-built home.

Owner builder essentials

What is an Owner Builder?

Discover what it means to be an owner builder and the statutory warranty requirements of building or directly managing the construction of a new home.

How to Become an Owner Builder

Our step-by-step guide will take you through the application process, from eligibility criteria and Owner Builder Authorization to building permits and occupancy.

The Owner Builder Exam

You must pass an Owner Builder Exam on home building basics as part of the Owner Builder Authorization application. Find out more about the Exam and important information to prepare.

Buying or Selling an Owner-Built Home

Learn more about the statutory obligations and requirements for owner-built homes, including when the Owner Builder Disclosure Notice is required and the statutory liability for an owner-built home.

Owner Builder FAQ

Still looking for answers? Our FAQ section should fill any gaps in your owner builder knowledge.