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Acceptable Training for CPD

  1. Overview
  2. Finding Training Opportunities
  3. Checklist Before You Enrol
  4. Documentation & Costs
  5. Formal Training
  6. Informal Training
  7. CPD via Employer Training
  8. CPD via Research
  9. CPD via Education Development
  10. CPD via Suppliers and Service Providers

3.Checklist Before You Enrol

Before you enrol in any training opportunity, check the following:

  • Is the education provider qualified to provide the training?
  • Does the education provider give a detailed course description that shows a connection to one or more CPD competencies, and/or business ethics?
  • Does the education provider provide proof of participation?
  • If you are using an online course for formal training credits, what’s the exam process and what certification do you get?

If the answer to any of the first three bullets is no, or if there is no exam process or certification, or you’re unsure of the answers, get clarification from us before you sign up.