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Acceptable Training for CPD

  1. Overview
  2. Finding Training Opportunities
  3. Checklist Before You Enrol
  4. Documentation & Costs
  5. Formal Training
  6. Informal Training
  7. CPD via Employer Training
  8. CPD via Research
  9. CPD via Education Development
  10. CPD via Suppliers and Service Providers

2.Finding Training Opportunities

Training can take place in a variety of locations and formats. There is a wide variety of online training options. These include webinars and other forms of online learning.

The first place you should look is our Education Registry. Here you will find a list of pre-approved CPD providers and courses. The Registry also helps you work out how many points you get for successfully completing the training.

You can search the Registry by:

  • CPD provider’s name
  • Name of the course or offering
  • City
  • Area
  • Training format
  • Type of CPD points

We regularly update the Registry. Make sure you check back in to see the latest courses and offerings.

The Registry is not your only option. Check with recognized training providers to see what courses and workshops they offer that might qualify for CPD credits (and may not be listed in the Registry). Industry associations and community organizations may also offer courses, seminars and workshops. Suppliers and other service providers can be valuable sources of training opportunities as well.

Your personal network could also be a source of training opportunities. What training are your colleagues taking or considering taking? Word of mouth and references can help you find training best suited to your needs.

All training must relate to one of the competency areas listed above and be relevant to the construction industry.

While some training providers can deliver training in a language other than English, all documentation that supports your CPD program must be in English.

If you have any questions about the suitability of a course, seminar or workshop, or just need more information, contact us for help.