Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide


This guide aims to help the B.C. construction sector realize more energy-efficient buildings by looking at current obstacles and showing opportunities to improve building envelope thermal performance. Version 1.5 adds 33 new details and 165 new scenarios that includes generic details and assemblies. The updated version includes new assemblies such as steel-framed, precast-concrete, wood-framed, and roofing systems. Additional insulation scenarios have been added to walls and roofs to include solutions for all of Canada’s climate zones and net-zero buildings.

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Video 1 – Introduction to the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide

This introductory video provides an overview of the U-value calculation methodology, as well as a summary of the information contained within the BETB Guide.

Video 2 – Workflow

This video establishes how to incorporate U-value calculations and the BETB Guide within the overall building design process.

Video 3 – Example Calculation

This video demonstrates how to conduct the U-value calculations and workflow by following an example of a six-storey multi-unit residential building design.

Video 4 – Special Considerations

This video highlights the finer points of specific details and assemblies, that may require additional attention for including their impacts in calculations.

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